Development & Infrastructure Services

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Development & Infrastructure Services was a new department formed in 2021 by merging Development Services and Infrastructure Services.

Development Services works toward Hinton’s future through land use planning, management, and agreements, capital planning and project management, investment readiness and tourism marketing. Development Services also supports the creation of subdivision approval and housing to ensure families in Hinton of all economic backgrounds and stages of life are able to thrive in Hinton.

Development Services is responsible for:

Development Services is governed by provincial legislation including the Municipal Government Act, Alberta Land Stewardship Act, as well as numerous municipal bylaws, plans and policies. 

The Department maintains the integrity of our community through the development and implementation of various plans that guide the decision making process when dealing with applications:  Municipal Developments Plan, Area Structure Plans (West & East) and Land Use Bylaw.

Infrastructure Services perform a number of functions, many of which are internally focussed, for example Mechanics that ensure our equipment is running, the Database Tech who makes sure work orders get to our Building Maintenance Techs who ensure the lights are on, the heat is working, and the toilets are flushing.

The department also delivers the services that you may overlook as you go about your day – ensuring that clean drinking water is available at your tap, that the roads are cleared of snow and other debris, and that your garbage is removed and taken to the landfill. 

For more information on Town Utilities and Public Works, including roads, and water, sewer, and garbage, click here.

Contact Us

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    Development Services


    131 Civic Centre Road
    2nd Floor
    Hinton, AB T7V 2E5

    Ph: 780-865-6010
    Fx: 780-865-5706


    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.