Short-Term Rentals

Hinton Town Council approved a new Short-Term Rentals Bylaw (No. 1162) in 2022 to establish requirements and regulations for the operation of short-term residential accommodations for periods of up to thirty (30) consecutive days.  

There are two types of short-term residential rental accommodations:

  1. Rental of an entire dwelling (Non-Principal Residence)
  2. Rental of individual rooms or spaces in dwelling where the host also lives (Principal Residence)  

A valid Business Licence (application form link here) will be required to operate both Non-Principal and Principal Residence Short-Term Rentals.  A Development Permit for a home-based business (application form link here) is required if the host/operator resides at the rental premises and is renting out sleeping room(s).  Each short-term rental will require a fire prevention inspection to ensure compliance with Alberta Building Code.  Please phone the Hinton Fire Department at 780-865-6089 to set up an inspection date.



Business Licence Application 


Fire Prevention Inspection





Business Licence Application 


Home-Based Business Development Permit 


Fire Prevention Inspection



A host/operator who operates a short-term rentals accommodation in a non-principal residence must designate a property manager who is local to Hinton as part of their business licence application and must ensure the property manager has access to the licensed premises and authority to make decisions in relation to the premises at all times that the short-term rental accommodation is operated.

Any new short-term rental accommodations will be required to pay all applicable fees up-front.  See full fee schedules in Development Services Fees Bylaw 1104 and Business Licence Bylaw 1126.

For Hosts

A guide (link here) to what short-term residential host/operators need to know to be a responsible operator in Hinton.

For Guests

A guide (link here) to provide information on the Town of Hinton’s bylaws that are relevant to guests staying in short-term residential accommodations.  Your host/operator are required to provide this guide to their guests at check in.


Short Term Rentals Approved by the Town of Hinton

Civic AddressType of STRBusiness Licence Number 
174 Hallam DrivePrincipal Residence – SFD7168
133 Reimer DrivePrincipal Residence – SFD7194
400 Collinge RoadNon-Principal Residence – SFD7190
144 Sutherland AvenueNon-Principal Residence – SFD7191
128 Bliss AvenuePrincipal Residence – SFD7180
3059 Bradwell StreetNon-Principal Residence – SFD7202
107 Belmont CrescentPrincipal Residence - SFD7231
109 Moberly DrivePrincipal Residence - SFD7242

Please phone Development Services at 780-865-6010 or email for more information.