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Caregiver Education Support Services through the Family Resource Network

The Town of Hinton is pleased to announce that we were awarded a three-yeJackiear grant in spring, 2020 to provide Caregiver Education and Support Services for the Hinton community. This grant was provided through the provincial Family Resource Network, and Hinton is part of the West Yellowhead Family Resource Network.

The Caregiver Education Coordinator is a part-time grant-funded position that offers education and support to caregivers to increase their capacity to create safe, responsive, and nurturing environments and encourage healthy child development. This role involves: developing and presenting workshops; liaising with local, regional, and provincial partners; offering one-on-one support to caregivers; and offering education and resources to families.

Did you know? Ages & Stages Questionnaires provide reliable, accurate development and social-emotional screening for children between birth and age six it will pinpoint developmental progress and catch any potential delays with an interactive questionnaire for parents and children.

Contact our Caregiver Education Coordinator to get started with this free tool!

Our Programs
  1. 1-1 Caregiver Support
  2. Infant Programs
  3. Toddler Programs
  4. Tween Programs
  5. Teen Programs
  6. Ages & Stages Questionnaires
  7. All Families
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1-1 Caregiver Support 

Join our Caregiver Education Coordinator in a non-judgmental space to talk about the challenges and joys of parenting, to work through specific parenting challenges, and to develop a customized parenting workplan. Sessions are based on educational trainings such as the Positive Parenting Program, Kids Have Stress Too, Talk Box, and Ages and Stages Questionnaires.

Meetings are scheduled based on availability – fill out a registration form here to register for 1-1 support.

January 1 to 1 Caregiver Support