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Public Transit 

In 2009, the Hinton Transit System became a permanent service for the residents of Hinton. The town holds a contract with First Canada who own and manage the maintenance of the buses while the transit drivers run the service. This service runs 6 days a week throughout the community, on a fixed route and arrives at each stop on the hour. The buses hold 12 passengers, are wheelchair, walker, and stroller accessible as well as have bike racks. 

Google Maps LogoWe're on Google Maps! Just visit the Google Maps website or use the Google Maps app on your phone to plan your transit trip, including departure times and trip durations. 

Freedom Express Service 

The Town of Hinton also manages the Freedom Express which is a 12-passenger bus fully equipped with lift and ramp for wheelchair users. Freedom Express is the door-to-door, accessible, shared ride transit service for Hinton residents who cannot use regular transit for some or all trips due to a physical or cognitive disability. Service is available for children with disabilities  who qualify. The service may be used to go to school, work, therapy, medical appointments, all senior programs, and for social and shopping trips.

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Hinton Transit


Transit hours are as follows:

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Sunday and holidays: No service


Item Fare Restriction(s) 
Cash fare $3  $3 per ride 
 Day pass$8  Unlimited, 1 person for 1 day
Monthly pass $70  Unlimited, 1 person for 1 month 
Punch card $30  12 rides, no expiry date 
Quarterly Senior's Pass - 3 months $50  Unlimited, 1 person 65 or older 

Where to Buy

  • Town of Hinton Government Centre 
  • Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre 
  • The West Fraser Guild- FCSS
  • King Drug & Home Health Care (Valley Shopping Centre)
  • Safeway 

No Pets Permitted on Transit
  • Pets are not permitted on Hinton Transit buses with the exception of SERVICE dogs for those with disabilities.

Transit Brochure

Click here for more information in our printable brochure!