Beaver Boardwalk Community Oversight Committee (BBOC)


The Beaver Boardwalk Community Oversight Committee (BBOC) was established to enhance communication between Administration and the community on matters relating to the Beaver Boardwalk. BBOC considers the varying needs and perspectives of Hinton residents, with the purpose of ensuring that the Beaver Boardwalk Vision is maintained, transcending Council and Administrative staffing changes.

The BBOC objectives are ensuring Boardwalk safety, sustainability, and fostering environmental stewardship of the valuable wetland area, Town Council, Administration, and the BBOC will work collectively to ensure that input from all demographics is meaningfully represented when planning for future programming, maintenance, and capital projects related to the Boardwalk.

The BBOC Vision Statement: 

"The Beaver Boardwalk represents the heart of Hinton’s natural heritage, bridging the gap between urban and wild land by safely bringing citizens and visitors into the unique Maxwell Lake wetland. By presenting an educational and recreational experience, the ecological integrity is preserved for present and future generations."

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Serving from October 2023 to October 2025:

Community Members

  • Jan Vas Botten (Town of Hinton Resident at Large Representative)
  • Kelly Armstrong (Town of Hinton Resident at Large Representative)
  • George Shantz (Recreation and Tourism Representative) 
  • Beth MacCallum (Environmental Representative)
  • Sterling Mozel (Youth Representative)
  • William Descalchuk (Indigenous Representative)

Council Members

Town Administration

Vacant Positions

  • Maxwell Lake Area Resident Representative
  • Maxwell Lake Area Resident Representative
  • Education Representative 
    Find information on how to apply for this position under the 'How to Become a Member' tab above.

Contact Information

For general enquiries, contact Heather Waye, Parks, Recreation & Culture Manager, at 780-865-6032 or email