Filing Assesment Complaints

What Is Market Value Assessment?
The Alberta government requires all Alberta municipalities to update property values annually to reflect the market value on July 1 of the previous year.

This assessment notice gives you the market value assessment of your property.

How Is My Property’s Market Value Determined?
Your property’s assessed value is determined by similar criteria as real estate agents use, such as:
  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Building size
  • Age and condition of house
  • Selling prices of similar properties in similar areas
Your assessment reflects the most probable value your property would have sold for on the pen real estate market on July 1, 2012. If your home was only partially complete on December 31, 2012, your assessment reflects the value of the lot and value of the building based on the percentage completed. In order to maintain equity, similar properties should have similar assessed values.
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What If I don’t Agree with This Assessment?

Talk with the municipal assessor first at 780-439-7227. If you feel your assessment does not reflect what your property would sell for on the open market, on July 1, of the previous year, you may file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board (ARB).

How do I Make a Complaint?

Complaints must be filed in writing using the prescribed form in schedule 1 of Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation (MRACR) and must be accompanied with any applicable fee and agent authorization form (if you have 1) no later than 4 p.m. on the deadline date (as indicated on your Assessment Notice) at:
Town Office
2nd Floor
131 Civic Centre Road
Hinton, AB T7V 2E5.

  • Complaint forms are available at the Town Office or call 780-865-6002 to have one faxed or emailed to you.
  • Information and complaint forms and agent authorization forms are available at the Town Office or at the municipal affairs online resource.
  • Each assessment in dispute requires a separate fully completed complaint form and required fee.


Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act and its regulations set out other requirements with which you must comply, including disclosure requirements.

The reasons for filing a complaint must accompany the complaint form. The complainant must:
  • Indicate what information shown on the assessment notice or tax notice is incorrect
  • Explain in what respect that information is incorrect
  • Indicate what the correct information is, and
  • Identify the requested assessed value, if the complaint relates to an assessment.
Please be advised that the Assessment Review Board cannot hear any matters or reasons that are not clearly described on the complaint form.

What Happens After I File a Complaint?

If you have filed your complaint form on time and in compliance with all applicable requirements of the Municipal Government Act and MRACR, a hearing will be scheduled for your complaint. You and the assessor will receive notice of the hearing date from the Clerk.

How Do I Prepare for a Hearing?

  • Preparation for a hearing should begin as soon as you consider filing a complaint. Some ways of preparing for a hearing include:
  • Do research to find out if the assessed value is comparable to similar properties in similar areas. Your assessment should reflect what your house may have sold for on an open market July 1 last year.
  • Review the rules that apply to your complaint. They are set out in the Municipal Government Act and Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation.
  • Prepare your submissions:
    • Disclosure of evidence must take place between the complainant, the respondent and the Assessment Review Board. The documentary evidence is a summary of the testimonial evidence and any written argument that the complainant or the respondent intends to present at the hearing. It is submitted prior to the hearing and in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and the Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation.
    • Evidence is presented to the Board and the other parties at the time of the hearing. Your evidence may include documentary evidence supporting your claim (such as purchase agreements, comparables, lease agreements, appraisals, photos) as well as a written argument. You should have 6 copies of your documents available (1 for you, 1 for the board administration, 1 for each of the 3 board members and 1 for the respondent).

Sufficient Evidence Required

Please note that you (the complainant) must present sufficient evidence to convince the Assessment Review Board that an assessment is incorrect or unfair and inequitable with assessments of similar properties.