Dangerous and Nuisance Animals

The animal control bylaw includes a number of items related to the management of nuisance animals, dangerous animals, threatening behaviours, and animals suspected of having rabies. Walk through these subjects below, or view the bylaw here.

  1. Nuisance Animals
  2. Threatening Behaviours
  3. Dangerous Animals
  4. Animals Suspected of Rabies

There are a number of observable behaviours that the Protective Services Manager may use to declare an animal a nuisance animal.

These behaviours include:

  • Chases a person or other Animal;
  • injures a person or other Animal;
  • Bites a person or other Animal;
  • Attacks a person or other Animal;
  • Bites or chases any vehicle or transportation vessel;
  • Excessively barks, howls or otherwise disturbs any person;
  • Causes damage to Property or another Animal;
  • Defecates on private or public Property and such feces is not removed immediately by the Owner;
  • Is off the Property of the Owner and not under immediate Control of the Owner; or
  • Upsets waste receptacles or scatters that contents thereof on any public or private Property.

The declaration of an Animal as a Nuisance Animal shall be reviewed annually by the Protective Services Manager. Animal Control Officers do not actively trap or catch Nuisance Animals, however a Live Trap may be issued to residents having issues with Nuisance Animals which are Cats. See Schedule “G” for Cat Trap Release Form in the bylaw, available here.

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