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The Town of Hinton's Bylaw Enforcement department handles animal control. Emergency response is considered where a dog or a cat imposes an immediate danger to the public.

View the Animal Control Bylaw here. View an explainer for the Animal Control Bylaw here

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Calls requiring the attendance of the animal control officer can be directed to 780-865-6009. Callers are required to provide all of their contact information so that a Community Peace Officer can follow up.  For more information please see the  Animal Control Bylaw (PDF) or contact protective services. 

At the Regular Council Meeting of October 2, 2018, Council passed the Animal Control Bylaw #1122.

  1. Cat Owners
  2. Dog Owners
  3. Animals, Fowl, and Over-Limit

Cats now require licenses in Hinton

Animal Control Bylaw #1122 states that no person shall own or keep any dog or cat without a license (section 5). There are some requirements to receive a license:

  • The holder of a Dog or Cat license must be eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • The Owner of a Dog or Cat shall ensure that his/her Dog or Cat wears the current tag purchased for that Dog or Cat, when the Dog or Cat is off the Property of the Owner
  • The Owner of a Dog or Cat shall obtain a license for such Dog or Cat at such times and in the manner as specified in subsections 5.1 .4 and 8.1; and 
  • The Owner of a Dog or Cat shall:
    • a) Subject to the provisions of subsection 5.1.4(c), obtain a license for such Dog or Cat immediately upon the Dog or Cat becoming four (4) months of age,
    • b) Obtain a licence on the first day on which the Protective Services Department is open for business after he/she becomes Owner of the Dog or Cat, and
    • c) Obtain a licence for a Dog or Cat notwithstanding that it is under the
      age of four (4) months, where the Dog or Cat is found At-Large.

Getting a license requires some information from the owner, including:

  • A description of the Cat, Dog, or Dangerous Animal including breed, name, gender and age, and whether or not it has been declared a Nuisance Animal;
  • The name, address and telephone number of the Owner;
  • Where the Owner is a corporate body, the name, address and telephone number of the natural person responsible for the Cat, Dog, or Dangerous Animal;
  • Information establishing whether the Cat, Dog, or Dangerous Animal, is neutered or spayed;
  • Any other information an Animal Control Officer may require; and
  • The licence fee for each Cat, Dog, Dangerous Animal or Nuisance Animal, as set out in Schedule “A” of this Bylaw.

Visit Protective Services to get your license.

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