Cougar Statue Legacy Project (2016)

Ever since the now iconic image of a cougar reclining on the Welcome to Hinton sign surfaced years ago, the cougar has been an unofficial mascot for our community. Atha-Cat, a costumed mascot available for sign out for community events, is often seen about in the area, but there hasn't ever been a real presence of cougars in the community, save when the felines visit some neighbourhoods in search of easy meals. 

Roy Looks to Make it Official

But in 2014, local resident and craftsman Roger Roy pitched the idea of making it official with a statue in a public space. Roy searched out options for the cougar, considering many factors, including material. The best option, and most fitting considering Hinton's long standing ties to the timber industry, was a wood carving. And one of the best purveyors of such carvings is Pioneer Log Homes, also known as  "the Timber Kings". Pioneer is well known to many Canadians, thanks to their Timber and Carver Kings Programs, which air on HGTV. 

Cougar Relaxing on ToH Sign


Installation of the Cougar

Hinton's Cougar Statue was installed the morning of Thursday, October 27, 2016. Attended by members of Hinton Town Council, Administration, local MLA Eric Rosendahl and his staff, as well as numerous community members, the arrival of the cougar was a spectacle, and filmed on location for a future episode of the Timber Kings.

The Hinton Cougar Episode of Timber Kings Airs April 9, 2017 at 8PM MST! Find out more on HGTV's Website!

Plaque Unveiling Event Held to Culminate Project

As if recognizing the event taking place beneath them, the clouds held off on raining during the early afternoon of September 14, 2017. Town of Hinton administration, Mayor Rob Mackin, Councillors, project sponsors and community members appreciated the lack of precipitation while they gathered at the Green Square, preparing to dedicate the Legacy Project Statue. This dedication marks the completion of this legacy project for the community.

Cougar Statue Plaque-7

A Huge "Thank You" to all of the Sponsors That Helped Make This Project a Reality, Including:

Stetson Hinton GM
Roger and Shirley Roy
Sound Scaffolding Inc. 
West Fraser Mills Ltd. 
Jasper Gates Resort and RV Park
Hinton optometry clinic
royal bank of canada
Layne Seabrook

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