West Fraser Guild (2017)

During the Regular Council Meeting on December 1, 2015 Hinton Town Council made a decision stating: “That the Arts Venue project be advanced as a full build-out costing up to $6 million, with any shortfall in funding (once grants, sponsorships, community fundraising etc. are maximized) be covered by a 4.5 million debenture”.    

The full scope of the project was completed by two different General Contractors. The 1st phase is for the full renovation and buildout of the facility, awarded to Jen-Col Construction Ltd. The 2nd Phase will be for the fit out of furnishing, fixtures and equipment specific to operating the facility as a performing arts venue and theatre.

The motivation behind the Performing Arts Venue was to create a place for theatre production, cinema, lecture hall and exhibit space where arts and cinema can have a home in our community and region.  This dedicated multi-use space defines Hinton as a community that supports, invests, grows and celebrates the value of arts and cinema, and the ways in which they strengthen and enrich our region.

The Performing Arts Venue replaces the Roxy Theatre which was destroyed by fire in 2009. The Guild site is now identified as a destination for performing arts and theatre.  

Potter’s Studio :
The new Potter building has provided 120m2 (1300 sq. ft.), self-contained facility housing 12 potter wheels and 3 kilns with washroom amenities and overhead door access for ease.

Performing Arts Theatre in Hinton:
The Performing Arts Theatre in Hinton constructs 197 m2 (2120 sq. ft.) expansion facing Switzer Drive that will serve as the main entrance to the venue providing access to the box office and lobby. The lobby provides access to the box office, bar/concession with washroom amenities and access to the theatre and the stairwell to a second-floor mezzanine where the operational equipment is housed.  

The Lobby is accessorized with a wood feature wall donated from West Fraser, led feature wall lights and hanging accent lights, motorized blinds and a fifty-five (55”) television. The bar/concession features a full theatre popcorn machine with soda dispenser and a slatted wall that provides opportunity to display other goodies available for an event.  A preparation room is also available within the facility that supports food service handling that meets Alberta Health Services regulations.

The original fire bays have been designed to support a performing arts theatre and movie cinema. A stage area of 16m x 7m (52.5 ft. x 23 ft.) made with a plyron finish, stage drapery and a motorized screen 7m (22.96 ft.) for cinema is located at the front of house.   Retractable and loose theatre seats that accommodate 162 patrons with front row seating that supports persons with disabilities. The retractable seating supports the room to be multiple purpose and will provide accommodation for events that require tables and chairs. A complete sound, light and video system that supports the operators of the theatre to provide any audience with a state of the art experience.  

The conversion of the facility supported the development of two designated dressing rooms, refurbished washrooms, office space and a green room.

Construction of 90m2 (968 sq. ft.) at the rear of building will serve as the back of house for performers complete with storage and an overhead door access for loading materials from outside. Four sea cans have been located on site to support long term and short-term storage needs.

Mechanical was completed to accommodate the electrical loads for operating the venue, heating, venting and air-condition.   Fire and Safety upgrades to the building include fire alarm, fire spray insulation in the ceiling and sprinkler system as required by Alberta Building Code.

The exterior landscaping was finished with concrete surface and accented with planting beds with seating accommodations. 

Project Partners

From conception of this project, the Town of Hinton has worked in partnership with a number of consultants and stakeholders to deliver a project on schedule and budget. They are as follows:

Arts Society of Hinton (ASH) and its membership along with the Rotary Club of Hinton and many other group members have invested voluntary time and energy to provide insight into the design and support to bring this project to its full potential.
• Marshall Tittemore Architects represents the design for renovating the space to the Performing Arts Venue theatre and cinema, and the Potter’s Studio.
• Schick Shiner and Associates Ltd. represents the venue’s theatre and design requirements and considerations. They have been instrumental in developing and guiding the development of an operating model that will be presented to Council in Fall, 2016.
• ISL Engineering and Land Services represented the Structural System, Civil System and Landscape Architecture design requirements and considerations. ISL will also be overseeing the construction details to ensure that the design details and contractual obligations are being meet to the design standards. 
• Williams Engineering Canada Ltd has presented the Mechanical and Electrical System design requirements and considerations and will also contribute to site inspections to ensure that the design details and contractual obligations are being meet to the design standards 
• Jen-Col Construction Ltd., the General Contractor, is the successful bidder from tendering process and mobilized to site on August 15, 2016. 

It is through these partnerships that this project is being realized and moves forward to establishing a venue that our immediate and regional community can participate in the enjoyment of the performing arts and theatre. 

Sponsorship & Donation

Thank you to all our sponsors, including:

  • Big Berland Contracting Ltd.
  • Border Paving
  • Canyon Crossing Storage
  • Echo Logging Ltd.
  • Fortis Alberta
  • Parks West Dental
  • Repsol Oil & Gas Canada
  • Rocking Star Industries
  • Scotiabank
  • West Fraser
  • West Ridge Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Sponsorship Update #1

Sponsorship Update #2

Facility Opening Update

The Brick and Mortar Campaign is now complete. Interested supporters can still purchase a seat through our "Take a Seat" campaign to show your support for the facility. 

Take a Seat Campaign
Individual supporters of the arts can 'take a seat' by purchasing a $500 seat sponsorship in the performance hall. Each sponsor will be recognized by a plaque on the seat.

Please note: Seat sponsorship does not entail any ownership or right to first refusal on the seat for ticketed or unticketed events.