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We support businesses in Hinton and encourage opportunity.

All businesses operating within the Town of Hinton are required to obtain a Business License as per Bylaw 1126. This also includes businesses that are not from Hinton but performing work within Hinton. 


If you reside in the Town of Hinton and you are self-employed you will need a Development Permit for a Home Based Business. 

Approval of a home-based business involves two components:

Development Permit: A development permit is required if clients/customers visit the location to receive services. Once approved, the development permit is valid for as long as the occupant continues to operate the home-based business at the same location unless it is revoked for sufficient cause under the Land Use Bylaw.  If the occupant plans to relocate to another home, a new development permit is required.  Application fee $75.00.

Business License: Upon approval of the development permit the applicant will be asked to submit an application and payment for the business license. The license must then be renewed annually in January.


If you are changing the use of an existing business space or moving to a new location you will need to apply for a development permit before a business license can be issued. We suggest you do not sign a lease or begin interior alterations until you get a valid development permit to ensure your business is a permitted use in that Land Use District.  

With the purchase of a Business License, your business will be advertised on the Town of Hinton Business Directory.

Home Bases Business/Home Occupation$160.00/year
Commercial/Industrial Business$160.00/year
Regional Resident (Yellowhead County)$160.00/year
Hawker/Peddler$200.00/year or $50.00/ for 3 months
Prime/Principal Contractor
(more than 3 sub-trades)
Temporary (not to exceed 7 days)$25.00/day


1.   Apply for your Business License here.

  • Review Town of Hinton Business License Bylaw 1126 here, or use the chart above, to determine the license amount

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3.  Once we receive your application and payment we will email you a copy of your business        license and receipt.


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See Bylaw 1104 for Development Permit Fees