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Hinton Centre Rental Request Form

  1. Complete this form to inquire about availability of the Hinton Centre for an event or function.
  2. Check those that apply to your function or event:
    This is not your contract. A rental agreement based on the information that you provide will be forwarded to you once processed.
  3. Meeting Room (check)
  4. Additional Amenities

    Additional fees may apply

  5. Events Equipment
    The Town of Hinton Events Coordinator will process requests for events equipment. A separate rental contract will be forwarded to you.
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  7. Contact Information:
  8. Event or Function Information:
  9. Type of Event or Function*
    The Hinton Centre is a licensed facility. Special events licensing may be required for your event if the Hinton Centre is not managing your bar service. Socan music and ReSound licensing and fees will apply where applicable. Ask Hinton Centre Manager for more details.
  10. State date and times that you require, additional fees may apply.
  11. Do you require our services for setup/take down of chairs and tables?*
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