Winter Magic Festival

The Winter Magic Festival Turns 36 in 2023!

In 1987, the province was swept with Olympic fever. Calgary was to host the Winter Olympics, and all Albertans were being encouraged by the Alberta Sport Council to find new ways to engage with Olympic sports. The ASC brought outreach opportunities for all communities to try out not just the big ticket sports, but even some of the more unique or european elements. Hinton has always had events in the winter months, being situated in the natural splendor of the Rockies, but with this support from the province and the momentum of the Olympics, a plan to bring as many unique activities and events together under one banner and create a festival was begun.

Since then, every February, Hintonites join together to create something amazing. Town Divisions, local nonprofits, teams, organizations, businesses; they all contribute and host events to contribute to the overall festival. Two weeks of winter activities, ranging from winter sports through cultural pursuits, break up the monotony of the cold weather and bring together residents and visitors alike to revel in the winter wonderland.

Winter Magic 2023 runs from February 10-26. You can find a calendar of events below, or download our pdf here!

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