Portable Staging

Rental Information & Restrictions
The Town of Hinton rents portable staging to community groups and the general public for various productions, events, and weddings throughout the community and surrounding areas. Our portable staging is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Renters are required to make arrangements for pick-up and drop-off times with the department at the time of booking.

Hinton Centre Staging - $125.00
This staging package manufactured by Staging Canadel is perfect in size at 12 feet by 32 feet or 16 feet by 24 feet. There is no need to haul this staging, as it is stored on-site at the Hinton Centre. Booking of the Hinton Centre stage can be by calling the Arts and Culture Department at 780-865-6055. This staging is rented only for events occurring at the Hinton Centre.

Large Wenger Portable Staging - $175.00
Our large Wenger portable staging comes in 4 feet by 8 feet unit platforms with varying heights for legs. With the large staging package, you will receive 16-30 platforms designed for a stage up to 24 feet by 40 feet in size. Stair units and skirting are included in this package. Need help in determining the right size stage for your event? Call for assistance!

Medium Wenger Portable Staging - $125.00
This package is the perfect size if you are requiring a stage 20 feet by 24 feet in size. This is a perfect size for weddings, as it provides a medium-sized head table platform or staging for a band or DJ. The package includes 9 to 15 platforms based on your needs along with stair units and skirting.

Small Wenger Portable Staging - $65.00
This package is great for smaller events / venues with up to 6 platforms (up to 12 feet by 16 feet). Perfect for a smaller wedding party or stage for a DJ. Stair units and skirting are included.

Rental Contact Information
Contact the Arts and Culture Coordinator via email or call at 780-865-6055 for rental information and availability.