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1. How can I locate a family member interned in the cemetery?
2. How do I go about purchasing a plot or columbarium niche?
3. What can I place at a grave site?
4. When will the plots have grass on them?
5. Why isn't the ground level at the cemetery?
6. What kind of monument can we have placed at a grave site?
7. Can I pour my own foundation for a monument, or create my own monument?
8. Does the Town of Hinton allow 'environmentally friendly green' burials?
9. Do I have to pay ongoing care fees for the Woodlawn Cemetery?
10. My family members are all planning on cremations. How many urns can be placed in 1 plot?
11. Can we place a bench at the grave site?
12. What are the current conditions of the Cemetery?
13. How does the Town Take Care of Graves - New
14. How does the Town Take Care of Graves - Old
15. When does topping off of graves occur?