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Public Communications Material Request Form

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  3. If you do not have answers to the questions below at this time, please consider setting up a consultation by email to discuss strategy before completing the form below.

    As per the Public Communications Policy:
    1. Prior to creating public communication materials (i.e brochures, mailouts, etc.), owner of proposed material will fill out a Communications Material Request Form (Docushare>Governance General>Public Communications>Request Forms).
    2. Send request form to Communications Coordinator to review and discuss best options (i.e. material, distribution, etc)
    3. Communications Coordinator will assist in drafting, or employee will send material/document to Communications Coordinator
    4. Communications Coordinator will edit (grammar, punctuation, use of core messages, overall look and ability to integrate into Town brand)
    5. Communications Coordinator will send back to owner with edits
    6. Owner will “OK” and carry on with distribution (options to be discussed with Communications Coordinator) or discuss changes/edits to come to a final solution with Communications Coordinator

    By filling in this form you will answer the Who, What, Where, When and Why (and How) before having the Communications Coordinator look at it.
  4. Please provide any identifiable factor. Is this area based? Age group? Employment/Socieconomic Bracket Driven?
  5. Please use your core message along with supporting statements
  6. Who will the media speak to? Who is the public face?
  7. Will You Need A Communications Plan*
    Recommended for long term, strategic, or challenging projects requiring individually addressed audiences and long term planning.
  8. What Materials Will You Need*
    Please note that costs associated will generally be returned to requesting department
  9. What means we won?
  10. Who is the project lead, and will sign off on drafts?
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