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Youth Open Mic Night

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  2. Youth Open Mic Night
    We want to celebrate how talented you are!

    Join us for our FIRST-EVER Youth Open Mic Night! Perform solo or with friends! We'll practice together and get ready to show Hinton our talents!

    New to performing? Don't worry! Our Youth Centre Coordinator, James, will host some online sessions ahead of the event to fight stage jitters, to get ready, and to practice together!
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    James will reach out to you for next steps. Please make sure you can be reached through the email address or phone number you provide.
  4. How Will You Perform?
  5. Do you sing, play guitar, or something else? Let us know what you will be performing!
  6. Thank You!
    Our Youth Centre Coordinator, James, will follow up with you. Please make sure you can be reached by the phone number or email address you provided so he can get in touch with you.
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