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  3. Interagency
    Each month, a facilitated meeting with local not-for-profit organizations and agencies is hosted by FCSS. This is an opportunity for collaboration, connection, and resource-sharing among local organizations. This is supplemented by an email list that shares organizations’ events, news, and updates.
    We meet every third Thursday from September to June and are currently connecting over ZOOM due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  4. Volunteer Services
    This service is designed to be a central agency to connect community volunteers with agencies in need of support. Those that are interested in volunteering share their interests and skills, and agencies share their volunteer needs. Matches are then made to match suitable volunteers with agencies in need of support.
  5. Neighbourhood Block Party Program
    This program encourages social connection of families and community building through supporting residents with information, guidance, funds, and resources to host neighbourhood block parties. Our team is able to support with planning, hosting, and funding the party!
  6. Hello Hinton!
    This service helps new and existing residents learn about the different resources, programs, services, and activities in Hinton to ensure residents and families feel connected to our community, welcome, and at home.
  7. Hinton Family Centre
    In place of Parent Link services, this service provides the opportunity for young children to bond with their caregivers, and for caregivers to form support networks and access education and resources. This program provides opportunities for families to learn about and participate in the community to support their connection to the Hinton community.
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    You will be contacted by email or phone about the services you're interested in. If you want to reach out, you can call Lisa at 780-865-2670 or email her at
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