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Neighbourly Notes of Kindness

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  2. Neighbourly Notes of Kindness
    Even though we're not able to get together through Neighbourhood Block Parties, let's build some neighbourly connections! You can gift your neighbour and inspire kindness. A complimentary gift card will be provided to you (limited quantities).
    1. Complete this form
    2. Lisa will contact you at the email or phone number provided in this form to arrange a meeting
    3. You'll receive a prepaid Visa card to buy your neighbour's gift and be given a kindness t-shirt for yourself (men and women)
    4. Use your gift card to purchase a thoughtful gift for a neighbour - you can add extra funds if you wish!
    5. Snap a selfie, wearing your kindness t-shirt before making the delivery, and send to Lisa
    6. Use the hashtag #HintonKindness on your social media to inspire our community!
    *funded by the Neighbourhood Block Party Program and a private donor*
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  4. Thank You!
    Lisa will send you an email or call you to set up a meeting to finalize the details!
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