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Father's Day Active Play Participation Form

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  2. Father's Day Active Play!
    Join us at the Riverfront Park. This play time is geared toward Dads and their small children. Moms and siblings are welcome.
    Driving Directions:
    • Go to intersection of Switzer Drive and Kelley Road
    • Drive past bottle depot and cross railroad tracks
    • Continue to end of Kelley Road
    • At fork in road, turn left onto West River Road
    • Continue west on gravel road until you see the Riverfront Park access on the right-hand side of the road
    • Parental supervision of ALL your children at all times is mandatory (water danger)
  3. List # of family members attending.
  4. Fathers and Dads - You are Appreciated and Loved!
    We love to see you have play time with your children. We will take photos of the day's activity. Please consent to allow us to publish your family photos. If you need to CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION, please contact Lisa at or call 780-865-2670.
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