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2:00 PM Easter Egg Hunt at Jesse Turgeon Park

  1. Copy of Family Resource Network
  2. Family Resource Network
  3. 2:00 PM Easter Egg Hunt at Jesse Turgeon Park
    Bring your little one for some Easter Egg hunting on April 1 at Jesse Turgeon Park (beside the West Fraser Guild at 821 Switzer Drive).
    We will have three separate time slots to ensure we stay within COVID-19 group size restrictions. **PLEASE ONLY ONE PARENT PER FAMILY TO KEEP NUMBERS LOW**
  4. Details
    Date: April 1st
    Time: Egg hunt starts at 2:00 pm (1 hour per egg hunt)
    Location: Jesse Turgeon Park beside West Fraser Guild (821 Switzer Drive)
  5. This will be the caregiver joining the child for the Easter Egg Hunt
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    PLEASE NOTE: Numbers are limited to six children per time slot. Please arrive at 2:00 pm.
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