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Athacat Rental Form

  1. Athacat Rental Form

    Thank you for your interest in having the Athacat appear at your event! 

    The Athacat suit is maintained by the Strategic Services Division of the Town of Hinton, and is available as an event resource to local non-profits, businesses, clubs, and the like. 

    The Town of Hinton does not provide an individual to wear the costume. Please note that the wearing of this costume serves as a representation of the Town of Hinton; as such, good behaviours are expected. Please obey the standard rule of mascot wearing: do not allow children to view the Athacat in any less than fully assembled configuration.

  2. Renter Information
  3. Pick up location is Hinton Government Centre
  4. Athacat Requests
    The Athacat has a number of Accessories and Particular Configurations to be used year round. Please specify which items you require. All outfits include hand coverings.
  5. Feet, Shoes, or Both?*
    The Athacat feet do not fit under the shoes. Please choose one or the other, or if intending to use costume changes, both.
  6. Body Style*
    There are multiple ways to wear the costume. The denim outfit is best for cold weather, but does not include the furry upper and lower pieces that include the tail. Please choose one or the other, or if costume changes are intended, both.
  7. Clothing
    Please note that receipt of items on rental and on return will be ensured. Rental organizations are responsible for replacement charges to lost or damaged items.
  8. Will you need the cooling kit?*
    There is a underlayer that can hold cooling pads. Only recommended in hot weather.
  9. Confirmation
    I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I am undertaking a rental agreement with the Town of Hinton for the Mascot Costume. I understand that I will, on receipt of the costume, confirm which items I have received, and that all items rented must be returned on the date I have specified. I understand that any damage not noted at time of pickup above and beyond standard wear and tear, as well as returning in a less than equally clean status, may incur penalties including replacement costs or dry cleaning fees.

    I understand that submission of this form is not confirmation of a rental.
  10. Re-entering your name here serves as a digital signature and attestation to the information provided as well as understanding of the above confirmation message.
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