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Events - Sports & Tournaments Checklist

  2. Below is the ‘Events - Tournament Checklist’, which will assure that you are receiving all required information to hold a successful event on municipal property. Please complete the following form on your own, or arrange a meeting with the Events Coordinator, Don Engerdahl, for assistance - or 780 865-6055. The information provided will assist in determining the requirements necessary for the event to proceed. Based on this information, we will provide all necessary contact information and direction to appropriate resources relating to the event.
  3. Events REQUIRING completion of this Checklist
    Larger-scaled sporting events and activities held in our facilities, fields and parks require more details and resources to be successful. These events may include: Baseball Tournaments, Hockey Tournaments, Soccer Tournaments & Wrap Parties, Figure Skating Shows, Ringette Tournaments, Gear swaps and Sports Camps.
  4. General Facility bookings NOT REQUIRING completion of this Checklist
    It is not required to complete the Events Checklist for programs or activities requiring a general booking or room rental space at the Recreation Centre These types of events/activities may include: Birthday Parties, School Fun Days, AGM's, and Registration Nights. Please contact the Recreation Centre Customer Service Desk at 780 865-4412 to speak with a customer service representative to assist you with booking and availability.
  6. Are you a registered Non-profit?*
  8. Give us a brief overview of your event and the activities you are doing.
  9. Note: The ACTUAL DATE(S) of your event
  10. Please include volunteer numbers.
  11. Setup/Teardown/Decorating Time
    Do you require time prior to or after your event for setting up, decorating and tearing down? If so, please indicate in the EVENT TIMES section below.
  12. Event Times (Below)
    Please fill out the start and end times FOR EACH DAY of your event including when the public is given access (or doors open) until they leave the facility. INCLUDE ALL tech, dress or practice rehearsals prior to your event.
    Check either YES or NO.
  14. Parking*
    Do you have adequate parking? Do you have attendants or barricades ready
  15. Event Signage*
    Do you have event signage (includes road signs and event signage, banners, etc.)
  16. Revenue Generation*
    Is this a ticketed or non-ticketed event where an admission is charged?
  17. Tent or Portable Structure*
    Will you be installing any portable structures such as tents, canopies, or shelters?
  18. Porta-Potties*
    Will you be bringing in porta-potties for your event. If so, Installation, delivery, setup, restocking, removing and site cleanup will be your responsibility
  19. Food Service / Catering*
    Will your event involve food service of any kind? Eg. concession, catering, home prepared, bake sale items, etc
  20. Electronic Sign *
    Would you like us to promote your event on our outdoor electronic sign?
  21. You will get 3 lines with 15 characters on each line. Will run for one week prior to event.
  22. Camping*
  23. Use of Firepit*
    Have you obtained a Fire permit?
  24. Live Entertainment*
  25. Liquor Licensing / Service*
    Licensed Area
    Check all additional rooms that your event may need.
  28. Equipment
    Some items may have rental charges.
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