Who is creating these #HintonFirst Bucks?

We are working with a local supplier to procure these secure, numbered bills for circulation. It will be important for you and your staff to be familiar with the look and feel of these bills as we want to make this as secure as possible to avoid fraudulency. Once you accept this tender and communicate with the Chamber for payment, we will ask that you destroy or void the bills, so they don't get recirculated.

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1. How would I accept these #HintonFirst Bucks?
2. How will I be reimbursed for accepting the #HintonFirst Bucks?
3. Will my business be listed on a website as a participant in this program?
4. What if someone tries to use a $100 #HintonFirst bill to pay for a $5 item?
5. What if my business doesn't have a storefront, can I still participate in this program?
6. Who is creating these #HintonFirst Bucks?
7. Is this a one time event or an ongoing initiative?
8. Who do I reach out to if I have any additional questions?