Council Highlights

Council Highlights -  December 03, 2019

Citizens' Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Michaels opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers.

There were no speakers.


Presentations are required to be arranged through the Executive Assistant, so that presenters can be sure time is set aside for their presentations on the Council agenda. Find out more about how to be a delegation by following this link.

There were no delegations.

Public Hearings

In some instances, Council is required to conduct public hearings regarding land use bylaws, rezoning, etc., or on any other matter council deems appropriate.

Land Use Bylaw No. 1088-9

View the hearing package in the agenda, available here.

Action Items

1. Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-9 - Second Reading
An application has been received to amend the Land Use Bylaw from I-LHT Light Industrial District to S-DC Direct Control District (DC District). The subject lands are located at 100 & 200 Drinnan Way within the Established Area Guidelines of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (see Site Area Map – Attachment 1). The purpose of the rezoning is to ultimately move the property to a development stage. At the Regular Meeting of Council on November 5, 2019, First Reading of Bylaw No. 1088-9 was granted by Council and a Public Hearing was previously held. The DC District has no uses listed and specifically says not to be used in substitute of any other district, therefore Administration recommends delaying Third Reading until a specific proposed plan is presented to the Town for better certainty of development and the Municipal Development Plan is amended to provide policy and objectives around DC. This will better provide Council, in their decision making with parameters/guidelines around the DC District. Currently, the MDP identifies these lands as existing Industrial and they are not specifically identified in the Established Area Guidelines except if you broadly talk about Industrial. Following a request to cancel from the developer, it was moved that Council give Land Use Bylaw No. 1088-9 Second Reading as presented;  this motion was defeated. 

2. Hinton Golf Society 
A late agenda addition, this item addressed the Hinton Golf Course needs moving forward continuing from a previous discussion in Standing Committee Meeting. It was moved that Council approve the use of $80,000 through Council’s October 29, 2019 motion to provide operating funds into the 2020 season with Administrative recommendations for ongoing conditions, oversight and support by the Town of Hinton; Before that motion was voted upon, it was moved that the above motion be postponed to the December 17, 2019 Regular Meeting of Council pending a report regarding ongoing conditions, oversight and support by the Town of Hinton. The later motion carried. 

3. Automated Traffic Enforcement
A late agenda addition following information provided by the province, Council responded to the new information by moving that Council direct Administration that upon completion of 4.1 and as mutually agreeable with the Town and Global, this agreement may be extended by an additional two years with Letter of Amendment. This motion carried. 

Unfinished Business 

1. 2020 Budget Continuation from the November 25, 2019 Special Meeting of Council

Motion from November 25, 2019 Special Meeting of Council:

NELSON - That Council direct Administration to provide Council with a report and recommendations with no less than one third of the recommendations be from Operations.

WAUGH - That the motion tabled be postponed until the December 3, 2019 Regular Council Meeting.

It was moved that Council direct Administration to provide Council with a report and recommendations with no less than one third of the recommendations be from Operations excluding transfers to Reserves. This motion carried. 

2. Clarification of Intent - November 19, 2019 Regular Meeting of Council - Community Grant Funding Item

That Council approve $3,727 to the Hinton Friendship Centre for the Sharing Project from the Community Grant Funds.

That the above motion be tabled pending a presentation from the Hinton Friendship Centre for the Sharing Project by the Regular Meeting of Council on February 4, 2020.

It was moved to rescind the motion of November 19, 2019:
MAGUHN - That Council approve $3,727 to the Hinton Friendship Centre for the Sharing Project from the Community Grant Program funds.

This motion carried. 

In Camera

In-camera is a legal term meaning in private; When a Council goes in-camera, it means the Council meeting is closed to the public. In general terms, the exceptions include matters where disclosures could be harmful to personal privacy, individual or public safety, law enforcement, intergovernmental relations, or economic or other interests; reveal confidential evaluations, local public body confidence, or advice from officials; or disclose information that is subject to legal privilege.

There were no in camera items. 

Administrative Inquiries

If Councillors have queries they would like to submit to admin, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council's procedural bylaw. 

There were no inquiries.

Notice of Motion

If Councillors have motions they wish to lodge, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council's procedural bylaw.

There were no notices. 

Information Items

Previous to Council Reporting, a motion was made for Council to approve the amended Council Meeting Calendar. This motion carried. 

Councillor Jo-Ann Race: Councillor Race reported having attended the annual FCSS convention, saying it was a favourite of the conference's attended so far and that the keynotes regarding trauma and division were powerful. Also share was information regarding the different make ups of other communities FCSS divisions. 

Councillor Dewly Nelson: Councillor Nelson reported having attended the Youth Council's first meeting, as well as a recent Synergy meeting. Detailing said Synergy meeting, Nelson spoke to TC energy's reporting protocols and new information sharing that will be beneficial. Nelson concluded by speaking regarding the Moonlight Madness, saying it is the opposite of the bustle and emotion of Black Friday, serving as a joyous occasion that is most appreciated. Nelson thanked the Chamber for the event.  

Councillor Albert Ostashek: Councillor Ostashek reported attending an HREDC meeting, saying the weighty agenda may not have been completed but the work that was was vital. Ostashek then spoke to the recent Bebo committee meeting, saying that upcoming stakeholder inputs are being discussed and partnerships or funding opportunities are also being discussed. 

Councillor Trevor Haas: Councillor Haas spoke to a recent library board meeting, featuring discussions regarding reserves and their use as well as incoming furniture upgrades. Haas shared information about a break in at the facility, and then shared exciting news that local staff have been invited to present on the national stage in Ontario at an upcoming conference. Haas then spoke to a recently attended seminar regarding Council and their role in governance, and that the information is planned to be presented at an upcoming standing committee meeting.

Councillor Tyler Waugh: Councillor Waugh had no committee meetings to report, but did share a want for CEAC to come before Council soon and that CFWY strategic planning is upcoming. 

Mayor Marcel Michaels: Mayor Michaels also reported having attended the FCSS conference, saying that it was felt that this was a very similar event to years past. Michaels did find a session on performance evaluations to be beneficial with upcoming challenges. Michaels then discussed the HELP Poverty event, saying it is recommended for everyone to take part in and experience. Michaels concluded by speaking to a  valley signage meeting and the December 5th Teck Town Hall.

CAO Martin Taylor: CAO Taylor informed Council that it is a busy time of year for administration, both with continuing budget work and the transition into year end auditing. Taylor concluded by thanking staff for their hard work as busy season continues. 

Town of Hinton Newsflash

Seniors Light Tour

Get out and see the beauty!

Many Hintonites have once again gone above and beyond in decorating their homes for the holiday season! FCSS has two programs available so you can get around to all the spots; click either poster to learn more.

Family Light Tour
Parent Link Next Steps

Parent Link Survey

At the end of March, 2020, Parent Link’s funding will not be renewed. With that change, the Town of Hinton is currently in the process of applying for new funding to continue to offer services for children and families.

As we work through the application process, we want to know what programming and services are important to your family. Your input will help us shape our plans moving forward.

Take a quick survey to share your insight and guide our next steps.

Town Holiday Hours

Please note the above seasonal hours for Town Facilities. 

ALWAYS dial 911 in an emergency

24 Hour Response Lines Remain Available at:

ISB: 780-865-2634
Protective Services: 780-865-6009
Referrals:  211

Council Video Recordings

As some residents may have noticed, we have recently experienced difficulties with our streaming video provider online. The service provider has changed the accepted methods of posting, which has made all older videos in the inventory non-functioning. These non-functioning videos will removed from the inventory for the time being, however, administration is investigating ways of making a larger library available for residents to access online. In the interim, a new format has been selected, and new recordings are being posted as before; however, the new format is slightly larger, and so less videos will be accessible online than in years past. Recordings of the videos are also available on DVDs at the Hinton Municipal Library, which can be checked out and viewed on either computers or DVD players, or by contacting the Town of Hinton should those DVD recordings not be available. 

The Town of Hinton is on Facebook!

As over 1800 people have already figured out - The Town of Hinton now has a corporate Facebook page! This new service adds another resource to the communications toolbelt, and will house information on many different areas; some days, you’ll see information on bylaws, others recreation programs, others information about council decisions or highlights from Council meetings. We will, however, endeavour to ensure that we are sharing content relevant to the widest possible audience. Like us today by clicking here!

You can view the entire agenda package here.

The next Regular Council meeting will be held December 17, 2019, at 4pm
in the Council Chambers.

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