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Hinton Mountain Bike Park Debris Burning Scheduled 

To provide our community with further information on the clean up of the MPB Tree Removal Project in the Mountain Bike Park area, we have compiled important information into one CivicSend. 

The Town of Hinton would like to inform all residents and area visitors of cleanup work scheduled to resume this week in the area of the Hinton Mountain Bike Park.

Residents can expect to see contractor High Country Arborists in the area of the Bike Park this week, beginning today, with burning anticipated to occur between the hours of 8am and 5pm.  

This work is intended to clear wood and branch debris that was left in the Bike Park during previous work related to Mountain Pine Beetle mitigation, a Fire Smart initiative, and volunteer tree clearing. Any area travellers are asked to be aware of work ongoing in the area and obey any and all posted signage. 

Previous Release

Scope of Work:

This project will be split into two phases; Phase 1: Debris Removal, and Phase 2: Debris Burn.

Phase 1
During the debris removal phase, contractor crews will be in the area gathering, bucking, and sorting debris. This phase will involve workers using hand tools or chainsaws in the area, both on foot and using off-road vehicles with trailers. Any salvaged firewood shall be transported and made available for reclamation by area residents. 
  • Start Date: January 8, 2019 (weather dependant)
  • Length of phase: an estimated 4 days of work
Phase 2
During phase 2, non-salvageable debris collected in phase one will be gathered into piles for burning.
  • Start Date: February 25, burn permits and weather dependent.
  • Length of phase: Estimated 1 week, based on the number of piles and safety requirements 

Project Understanding

The Hinton Mountain Bike Park is "an outstanding mountain bike skills park that is fun, safe, free of charge, and accessible for all abilities and ages, thereby facilitating the promotion of skills development, active lifestyles and mountain culture" - HMBA Website.  

The MPB program focuses on the identification and removal of infested green pine trees. Additionally, the Parks department carries out the management and removal of red, standing, dead trees from within Hinton town boundaries, specifically on Town owned and private lands. Opportunities to support or advance Fire Smart activities that the Town has managed to-date may be identified and included in program work.

This project finishes the work of recent stages of the MPB Program in the area of Hinton's Mountain Bike Park. 

Project Partners

In accordance with the Town of Hinton purchasing policy, High Country Arborists was awarded the contract to carry out this work.

The Hinton Mountain Biking Association has been made aware of this work, and will be advising their users to obey all posted signage. 

Construction Factors

The Hinton Mountain Bike Park Debris Clearing project is aiming to complete all work, and thereby impact to Bike Park Users, as soon as the weather and safe conditions permit. 
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