Council Highlights

Council Highlights -  October 02, 2018

Citizens' Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Michaels opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers.

Maria Michener: Michener came before Council to share her feedback regarding recent discussions on the Animal Control Bylaw, in particular the designation of particular trails as on leash. 


Presentations are required to be arranged through the Executive Assistant, so that presenters can be sure time is set aside for their presentations on the Council agenda. Find out more about how to be a delegation by following this link.

1. Foothills Recreation Management Association - Presented by Aaron Jones and Jesse Kirillo
Find the presentation in the agenda package, available here.

2. Citizen Engagement Survey - Presented by Carla Fox and Jenna Altrogge
Find out more in the newsflash below.

Public Hearings

In some instances, Council is required to conduct public hearings regarding land use bylaws, rezoning, etc., or on any other matter council deems appropriate.

There were no public hearings. 

Action Items

1. Cannabis Consumption Bylaw #1125 (Third Reading) - Presented by Todd Martens
This Bylaw is intended to address cannabis consumption within our community once cannabis is legalized. Regulating cannabis consumption by banning consumption in public places will protect children, adults and seniors from exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke, while allowing people to consume cannabis in their privately-owned spaces. This Bylaw aligns with federal and provincial legislation and strikes a balance between economic opportunities and efforts to mitigate community concerns. It was moved that section 4.8 be amended to read: notwithstanding that the graphic symbol in section 4.4 depicts cannabis, it shall be deemed to include a reference to lit cannabis and any other such product and any other cannabis equipment. This motion carried. It was then moved that Council give Third reading to Cannabis Consumption Bylaw #1125 as amended. This motion also carried.

2. Animal Control Bylaw 1122 (Third Reading) - Presented by Todd Martens
In the past year, there have been a number of incidents in the community involving dangerous dogs. The current Animal Control Bylaw #1021 is limited in its application when dealing with these situations and a rewrite of the bylaw was undertaken. Previous Council and community citizens have requested better regulations and higher fines with regards to dangerous dogs, dogs off-leash and care and control of an animal. First reading of Animal Control Bylaw #1122 was accepted at the September 11, 2018 Regular Council Meeting with Council’s amendments to the off-leash areas, specifically to Mary Reimer Park area, as well as a change in animal registration fees. Second reading of Animal Control Bylaw #1122 was accepted at the September 18, 2018 Regular Council Meeting as presented. It was moved that Council give Third reading to Animal Control Bylaw No. 1122 as presented. This motion also carried. 

3. Hinton Housing Strategy Update and Grant Funding Initiatives - Presented by Hans van Klaveren
The Town of Hinton Strategic Plan (2017 to 2021) identifies Goal 2 as follows: increasing Hinton’s housing choices to provide affordability and attainability for all; Key Strategy 2.1.2. is to develop an infill housing strategy on private and public land and Key Strategy 2.1.3. is to create partnerships in support of affordable housing. In support of this initiative, the Town of Hinton has signed an Offer to Purchase private lands for social, affordable, and 55+ transition housing developments. It was moved that Council direct Administration to apply for grant funding that will support development of social and affordable housing on the privately-owned lands that the Town of Hinton has recently Offered to Purchase. This motion carried. 

4. Authorization of Debenture Bylaw #1127 - Presented by Carla Fox
At the September 11, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council, a motion was made following an In-Camera discussion to proceed with an offer to purchase lands. On October 2, 2018, Administration brought the Hinton Housing Strategy Update and Grant Funding Initiatives Request for Decision Report to Council. For details regarding the lands to be purchased, please see this Report. This report states that in order to protect the Seller’s interest in the property and until such time as the Town can remove the conditions placed on the Offer to Purchase, the Offer to Purchase price of the lands will remain confidential. The details of the Offer to Purchase will be disclosed in a Council Information package when the Town is registered as the property owner at Alberta Land Titles – Service Alberta. It was moved that Council gives First reading of Authorization of Debenture Bylaw #1127 as presented. This motion carried. 

Administrative Inquiries

If Councillors have queries they would like to submit to admin, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council's procedural bylaw. 

There were no inquiries

Notice of Motion

If Councillors have motions they wish to lodge, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council's procedural bylaw.

Councillor Dewly Nelson made the following notice of motion:

That all action and spending in regards to the new Recreation Centre development be postponed until the time at which we have a permanent CAO or it is determined by Council that we have the capacity within the organization to support the development of this project.

Information Items.

A proclamation was made, recognizing World Cerebral Palsy Day as October 6 in Hinton. Learn more in the agenda package, available here. 

Councillor Trevor Haas: Councillor Haas informed Council of a recent library meeting, going on to report that he anticipates the board to be coming to present in the near future in regards to budgets. Haas also provided updates on sessions attended as part of AUMA, including speakers on topics including election polling, opiate crisis, and online/social media communication and conflict. He concluded by speaking on building leadership, and discussions from the province in regards to support for expenses incurred during cannabis legalization activities. 

Councillor Tyler Waugh: Councillor Waugh spoke to his attendance at AUMA, in particular the theme of collaboration as it pertains to economic development. Waugh went on to speak to a discussion on affordable housing opportunities, as well as to an AUMA resolution to have province wide consistency in regards to cannabis public use. He concluded speaking about AUMA by referencing conversations with neighbouring municipalities, and then informed Council about activities carried out by the Community Futures West Yellowhead Investment Review Board, including their recent decisions on 10 loans representing 515,000 dollars of investment into the community. 

Councillor Albert Ostashek: Councillor Ostashek expressed his regret at not being able to attend AUMA, and then discussed updates from the HREDC, including coming activities relating to the Economic Development Strategy project, and the Towns work securing a CARES grant from the province to fully fund the strategy. 

Councillor Dewly Nelson: Councillor Nelson informed Council of his attendance at a Forest Carbon Technical Experts Group Engagement Session for forestry, saying Hinton was one of few communities represented and thanking West Fraser for sending representation. Nelson went on to detail feedback he provided to AUMA regarding format before speaking to last weeks Rotary Oktoberfest Event, saying it looked like there was a great turnout. Nelson concluded by informing Council of a Geothermal 101 event scheduled for early November with Community Futures West Yellowhead.

Councillor Joann(Jo) Race: Councillor Race also informed Council of her attendance at AUMA, in particular, a session regarding CAO recruitment, and another on asset management as it pertains to right of ways. Race concluded by discussing an interagency meeting, and an ASH meeting at which the weekends Culture Days event was described as a great success. 

Mayor Marcel Michaels: Mayor Michaels also spoke to attendance at AUMA, in particular a session called "Where is the steering wheel?" about electronic autonomous vehicles and transit, and the future implications of that technology.

Interim CAO Mike Koziol: Interim CAO Koziol spoke to his attendance at AUMA, saying that Council had covered many of his takeaways in their reporting, and then provided an update to Council regarding the Agenda preparation for the October 11 Special Meeting of Council. 

In Camera

In-camera is a legal term meaning “in private.” When a Council goes in-camera, it means the Council meeting is closed to the public. In general terms, the exceptions include matters where disclosures could be harmful to personal privacy, individual or public safety, law enforcement, intergovernmental relations, or economic or other interests; reveal confidential evaluations, local public body confidence, or advice from officials; or disclose information that is subject to legal privilege.

Following Council's return from In Camera, the following motions were made:

1. That Town Council authorizes the Interim Chief Administrative Officer to advise the Town’s legal advisor to proceed with the direction as discussed in camera. This motion carried. 


2. That the Request for Decision titled, “Town of Hinton – Waterline Contract” remain private pursuant to Sections 16, 21, 23, 24, 25 and 27 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, Chapter F-25. This motion also carried.

Town of Hinton Newsflash

Citizen Budget Engagement Returns

The Hinton Citizen Budget Engagement Tool is now live!

Visit to get an interactive look at how budgeting decisions impact your bottom line, learn more about the budgeting process, and share your thoughts on the budget too!

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Council Video Recordings

As some residents may have noticed, we have recently experienced difficulties with our streaming video provider online. The service provider has changed the accepted methods of posting, which has made all older videos in the inventory non-functioning. These non-functioning videos will removed from the inventory for the time being, however, administration is investigating ways of making a larger library available for residents to access online. In the interim, a new format has been selected, and new recordings are being posted as before; however, the new format is slightly larger, and so less videos will be accessible online than in years past. Recordings of the videos are also available on DVDs at the Hinton Municipal Library, which can be checked out and viewed on either computers or DVD players, or by contacting the Town of Hinton should those DVD recordings not be available. 

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You can view the entire agenda package here.

The next Council meeting will be held October 9, 2018, at 4pm
in the Committee Room.

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