Council Highlights

Council Highlights - April 03, 2018

Citizens' Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Michaels opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers.

Carolyne Mackellar
Mackeller came before Council to introduce herself as one of the candidates for Conservative Party of Canada nomination in Yellowhead, and to inform Council of her coming meet and greet in the area scheduled for next Tuesday evening at the Golf Course. 


Presentations are required to be arranged through the Executive Assistant, so that presenters can be sure time is set aside for their presentations on the Council agenda. Find out more about how to be a delegation by following this link.

1. Athabasca Watershed Council Presented by Marie Bay Breiner

Breiner provided Council with an update surrounding the Athabasca Watershed Council and their work in the region. View here the presentation file online here.

2. Hinton Municipal Library - Presented by Hank Smit and Haley Amendt

Smit and Amendt presented the Hinton Municipal Library Board Bylaws, as well as an update on library programming, outreach, collection information, and archive information. Find more information in the agenda package, available here.

Public Hearings

In some instances, Council is required to conduct public hearings regarding land use bylaws, rezoning, etc., or on any other matter council deems appropriate.

There were no public hearings. 

Action Items

1. Town of Hinton Consolidated Financial Statements Year Ended December 31, 2017 - Presented by Denise Parent
Municipal councils must approve the annual financial statements and the financial annual return of the municipality. The reports on the annual statements must be in accordance with the form and the reporting standards recommended by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Further, the returns and statements must be made public and forwarded to the Minister by May 1st of the following year. The 2017 Financial Statements have been prepared by KPMG and reviewed by Administration, and are available in the agenda package, available here. It was moved that Council approve the Town of Hinton Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year ending December 31, 2017 as presented. This motion carried.

2. Public Transit Program Review - Presented by Denise Parent

The Public Transit Program Review is expected to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies that could be implemented immediately, and/or any opportunities requiring additional resources that could be requested through the 2019 budget process, including changes to the current service delivery model and contract commitments. It was moved that up to $50,000 be allocated from the one Time operating Reserve to fund an external Public Transit System Review. This motion carried.

3. Water Treatment Plant Feasibility Study - Presented by Wendy Jones
The Town of Hinton (“Town”) and West Fraser Mills Ltd. (“Mill”) are collectively working to develop Agreements that establish interim, transitional and long-term obligations and expectations for the purpose of operating and supplying potable water to the Town of Hinton in 2018. The Study facilitates the Town in moving forward with meeting its obligations with the Mill and to provide a long-term strategy for the future Water Treatment Plant. It was moved that Council direct Administration to proceed with Location 3 and the recommended next steps 1 to 4 as identified in the Water Treatment Plant Feasibility Study prepared by ISL Engineering and Land Services dated March, 2018; this motion carried. It was then moved that  the Request for Decision titled, “Town of Hinton – Water Treatment Plant Future Water Treatment Plant Feasibility Study” and attachments, remain private pursuant to Sections 16, 21, 23, 24 and 25 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, Chapter F-25. This motion also carried. 

In Camera

In-camera is a legal term meaning “in private.” When a council goes in-camera, it means the Council meeting is closed to the public. In general terms, the exceptions include matters where disclosures could be harmful to personal privacy, individual or public safety, law enforcement, intergovernmental relations, or economic or other interests; reveal confidential evaluations, local public body confidence, or advice from officials; or disclose information that is subject to legal privilege.

There were no in camera items. 

Information Items

Councillor Joann(Jo) Race: Councillor Race reported having recently attended an ASH meeting, calling it quite successful. Race also informed Council that she had spent the weekend volunteering at Challenge at the Rockies, saying that she enjoyed the experience. 

Councillor Dewly Nelson: Councillor Nelson updated Council on a number of items, including his attendance at the Economic Developers of Alberta Conference, a presentation from the Carbon Accountability Council, a meeting of the West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority, and an Evergreens meeting on behalf of Mayor Michaels. Nelson informed Council of having attended a Motocross Society AGM, saying he was happy to say that group had found executives and would be moving forward, as well as having been able to attend the annual Yellowhead Woman's Shelter Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, saying he was impressed that the tickets sold out ahead of the event. Finally, Nelson spoke to a meeting with the Assistant Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, saying many energy groups presented with representation from private industry, government, and the municipality in attendance. 

Councillor Ryan Maguhn: Councillor Maguhn offered his thanks to administration for their assistance regarding a concern raised on ATE enforcement placement within the community. He went on to say that once investigated, the matter was more an issue of perception than reality. Maguhn concluded by saying he wishes to speak more on the matter with fellow Councillors. 

Councillor Tyler Waugh: Councillor Waugh expanded on Councillor Nelson's reporting on the Economic Developers of Alberta Conference, saying they are planning a collaborative presentation to share the breadth of knowledge gained from the event with Council at a later date, as well as possibly sharing information gained with the Hinton Chamber of Commerce.

Councillor Trevor Haas: Councillor Haas thanked the Hinton Municipal Library Board members for their attendance at the meeting and their presentation, as well as going on to speak to some of the programming on offer including partnerships with Town of Hinton programs like ParentLink. 

Deputy Mayor Albert Ostashek: Councillor Ostashek spoke to the recent WYRWM meeting, saying it was held to audit financials, much alike this Council meeting. He went on to also speak to the Challenge in the Rockies, stating that he was proud to offer words of welcome at the celebrity game, and that he was glad to give up the ceremonial puck drop in favour of speaking so as to allow Chris Johnstone, a local volunteer football coach and community figure, to drop the puck in his place. 

Interim CAO Denise Parent: Interim CAO Parent informed Council that she was happy to see all of the audits completed, which will now allow her to focus on Interim CAO role. 

Administrative Inquiries

If Councillors have queries they would like to submit to admin, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council's procedural bylaw. 

There were no new inquiries. 

Town of Hinton Newsflash


Caution Advised for Beaver Boardwalk Visitors Starting Thursday
Starting Thursday, April 5 2018, geotechnical evaluations will be taking place in the area of Maxwell Lake, relating to testing soils and wetlands to determine the materials and design requirements to support the Beaver Boardwalk.

Currently, crews are scheduled to start on the Downstream Loop then move to the Beaver Pond Trail, which will likely take most of the day Thursday. They will then move on to the Upstream Loop, and attempt any test holes that can be accessed near the Lakeside Trail. 

Any visitors to the Boardwalk are asked to avoid areas where work is taking place wherever possible. The Town of Hinton also wishes to remind all visitors and residents that the Beaver Boardwalk is an on leash area, and as such, all dogs in the area are expected to be on leash and under the control of their owners.

Searching for Accounts

Need Tax Help?

Trained CRA volunteers are ready to file taxes for individuals, families, seniors, persons with disability and/or lower incomes. Call 780-865-6036 or visit FCSS at 821 Switzer Drive (The West Fraser Guild), no appointment needed (just bring your tax slips)!

You can view the entire agenda package here.

The next Council meeting will be held April 10, 2018, at 4pm
in the the Committee Room.

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