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Today is Election Day - Polls Open at 8 AM

The polls will open at 8 AM for the Hinton 2017 Municipal Election. 

The Town of Hinton would like to offer all residents an all in one
 information source for what you need to know to take part in this important process today. 

Please use the following hyperlinks to navigate this document, as it is quite long:

Election Times and Locations
Election Results
Voting Details
Residency Requirements
Voting and Work
ID Requirements
Voting with Mobility Challenges

Election Time and Location

When and where is the vote held?

Election Day
Monday, October 16, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Hinton Centre (965 Switzer Drive)

Voting Details

Can I vote?
If you are a Canadian citizen of 18 years of age or older who has resided in Alberta for the last 6 months (as of Election Day) with a current place of residence in Hinton, you are eligible to vote. Please ensure you come prepared with the appropriate identification.

Do I need ID to vote in the election?
In order to vote, you must produce identification stating your name and address. For example, a Driver’s License, bank or credit card statement, or correspondence from a school, college, or university would all be acceptable. There are other options available; visit hinton.ca/election17 for a complete list of acceptable forms of identification, or view this document from Municipal Affairs. 

Can a renter vote?
Yes. If you meet the eligibility and identification requirements, you are able to vote.

If I own a business in Town but live elsewhere can I vote in Hinton?
Not if your place of residence is outside of Hinton. A person can only hold one place of residence at a time, and can only vote in that area.

Do I have to vote for the whole number of candidates?
For Councillors, you can select up to six (6) candidates. For Mayor, you can select one (1) candidate. You may only vote once for each candidate.

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Voting and Work

Can I get time off work to vote? 
Electors have the right to have three (3) consecutive hours to cast their vote while the voting station is open (s. 58 Local Authorities Election Act).

If the employee’s normal employment hours already allow three consecutive hours to vote (for example, the employee’s shift ends at 5:00 p.m., the employee is expected to vote during his or her non-working hours. If, however,  the hours of the employee’s shift do not allow for three consecutive hours, the employer shall allow him or her the additional time for voting that is necessary to provide three consecutive hours, at the convenience of the employer, and the employer shall not make any deductions from pay or impose any penalty on the employee.

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Voting with Mobility Challenges

Are there any voting options for voters with limited mobility? 
The Town wants to make voting accessible for all electors. We are offering free public transit to and from voting stations and institutional votes at Pine Valley Seniors Lodge, The Good Samaritan Society Mountain View Centre, and the Hinton Healthcare Centre (this service is only for residents, not for staff members). Please call or email Jenna at 780-740-8059 or jaltrogge@hinton.ca to inquire about these options.

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Election Results

The Town of Hinton has prepared a process by which results will be shared. To ensure that our residents are aware of said plan, and have access to the most current information on Election Day, please find details below.

How Can I Follow Election Results?
The Town of Hinton will be sharing updates via Notify Me’s News and Announcements list. They will be shared as image files, which will bear Town of Hinton logo-ing and timestamping to indicate when the update was released and that it represents unofficial results from the Town of Hinton. 

Updates are scheduled to occur as close as possible to every half an hour, starting at 8 PM. Updates will be issued even if no new results are available. 

I'm Not Signed Up, and Don't Want to - How Do I Follow Results?
The url Hinton.ca/Election2017Results will be active starting on Election day. It will have links to updates sent via the notify me channel.

When are election results official? 

Election results are considered official at 12 noon on the fourth day following Election Day, in this case, on October 20, 2017. The returning officer may publish unofficial election results.

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