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Presenting the PATH Public Art Selections

The Town of Hinton is proud to announce that following an extensive evaluation process, two pieces of public art have been selected to be featured at the Hinton Performing Arts Venue.

Culture plays a key role in Hinton, advancing social, cultural, and economic development of our community. Through the facilitation of public art installations like these, Hinton can generate economic wealth, improve quality of life, and reduce anti-social behaviours, all while building healthier communities and providing opportunities for minority groups.

The funding of these art installations is accounted for in the PAV budget, as per Policy 90, Public Art. The policy mandates that 1.5% of total project costs associated with new or existing municipal buildings, infrastructure, and other town own lands or facilities or structures be dedicated towards public art.

Two different pieces of art have been commissioned for the PAV. Learn more about each of them below.


Koo – Koo - Sint (The Stargazer) Voyageur Canoe - Jason Trotter

Hinton has a storied history. Lying on the banks of the Athabasca River, we have long been a stopping point for the indigenous peoples of the region and fur traders alike. Our community continues to honour that tradition in many ways, including the river brigade, and now, so to shall our performing arts venue. The piece is named for the title David Thompson was given by some of the indigenous peoples he encountered on his journeys mapping our region; Stargazer refers to Thompson's behaviours, consulting the stars as he mapped our region. 

This installation features a voyageur canoe, nearly five metres long, crafted of plywood. Intricately detailed, and sealed with a lacquer, it will be hanging above the lobby, and be accompanied by traditional style spruce paddles upon which donors and sponsors will be recognized.

The Spectator

The Spectator in Retrospection – Alicia Proudfoot

A reflection of the PAV’s purpose, this outdoor art piece is intended to evoke a performing, living body.

Interactive in the form of opera glasses made functional in the manner of classic toy “viewmaster”, and featuring revolving images of Hinton’s diverse cultural history, this sculpture encourages the viewer to engage with the art and feel.

Crafted from repurposed metal, concrete and glass, it is created with the Hinton climate in mind.

For more information on Hinton’s Public Art Policy, Click here

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