Dog Free Zone
Town of Hinton

Beaver Boardwalk Update: May 25, 2017

Since the dam break last week, the Town of Hinton has requested that dogs be kept out of the Lodge area of the Beaver Boardwalk in an effort to help keep the local beaver population safe while their lodge entrances are exposed. A big thank you to all residents who heeded that request. Since that time, beavers have been observed in the area on multiple instances, and there appears to be work done in repairing the dam structure.

Currently, the advice from area experts continues to be do nothing and allow nature to take its course. In accordance with that advice, we continue to ask that dogs are kept out of the area immediately surrounding the lodge structure and ask that all visitors please obey the on-leash regulations for the rest of the beaver boardwalk area. Please see the map above for reference, and obey posted signage.
Town of Hinton staff continue to monitor the area and progress made by the beavers, and remain in contact with area experts on best course of action to facilitate the beavers remaining in the area. We remind all residents that this is not a captive environment; as such, beavers and other wildlife are free to move about as they wish.
We also wish to remind residents that this is a great opportunity to see the Beaver Boardwalk in a new way. The receding water has provided birds with access to preferred foods, and many different species of our feathered friends can be observed by quiet visitors.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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