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Council Highlights - October 20, 2016

Organizational Meeting

Council must, annually, hold an Organizational meeting as per the MGA. View the agenda package by following this link.

Action Items

Meeting Dates: Council accepted the 2016-2017 Meeting dates as presented. Council also set October 24, 2017, as the date for their next organizational meeting. 

Council Representation: Council approved the 2016-2017 Council Representation on Boards and Committees as shown in the agenda package.

Citizen at Large Board and Committee Appointments: Rhonda West announced the results of Ballot Voting by Council. Citizens at large elected by ballot for appointment to Town boards and Committees are:

Community Engagement & Advisory Committee (two year terms, until organizational meeting 2018): 

  • Garth Griffiths
  • Donald Harrison
  • Doug Heine
  • Fiona Murray-Galbraith
  • JoAnn Race
  • Kathy Rees 
  • Jan Vassbotn
Town of Hinton Library Board (two year term, until organizational meeting 2018): 
  • Hank Smit
Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee (for the 2017 Intake Sessions):
  • Trevor Haas
Mary Reimer Park Society (two year term, until organizational meeting 2018):
  • Beven Bentley

Regular Meeting of Council

Citizens Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Mackin opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers. 


Community Grant Advisory Committee
Presenting the Committee's results following the October 2016 Community Grant Intake, Kathy Rees and Peter Wilkinson spoke to their process and findings in weighting the proposals received from Hinton groups. Find their full presentation in the agenda package, available here

Action Items

Community Grant Program Intake #2 Funding Recommendation
Presented by Denise Parent, Council awarded the Community Grant Program funding Intake #2 a total of $116,565 to be dispersed as per the suggestions of the Community Grant Advisory Committee. For a full list of results, click here. One item, The Firefighting Association, has been referred back to the Town for Consideration. 

Hinton Geothermal District Energy (HGDE) Pre-FEED Study - Presented by Mike Schwirtz

Council directed Administration to provide $225,000 from the Automated Traffic Enforcement reserve to fund the Pre-FEED study to determine the feasibility of the Hinton Geothermal District Energy Project. Highly touted by the majority of Council Members was the project's potential to grant energy independence and the opportunity to further diversify industry in the region.  

Planning & Development Fees & Charges Bylaw #1104-1
Bylaw #1104 was first presented to Council at the August 16, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council. The Schedule “A” in Bylaw #1104 at first reading is the same that is attached to Bylaw #1104-1. After first reading, there were a number of changes made to the bylaw as a result of the feedback the Town had received from stakeholders and residents. When the bylaw was presented to Council for second Page 17 of 25 Page 2 of 2 and third readings at the September 6 Regular Council Meeting the Schedule “A” was missing the highlighted areas. Under the requirements of the MGA, council must be presented with the full text of the bylaw at first and third readings. As the incorrect schedule was attached to the bylaw for third reading, Administration is bringing back an amendment that reflects the correct schedule (the one that was presented to Council at first reading). CAO Mike Schwirtz assured Council and the public that this has not cost the taxpayer money or resulted in any revenue losses. Council voted to approve the Bylaw changes.

Reports from Mayor, Council, CAO

Multiple Councillors, as well as the CAO, spoke to positive experiences during the annual AUMA conferences this year. 

Councillors spoke to upcoming important events, including:
Chamber of Commerce Gala - October 22, 2016
Chamber of Commerce BSN Speed Dating - October 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm
Rotary Ocktoberfest - October 29, 2016 at 6 PM

Councillors reflected on the Beaver Boardwalk dedication ceremony on October 11th, when the two observation towers were dedicated for the people who helped make the park happen. The southern location has been dedicated as "The Rocky Morin Wildlife Tower", while the Reimer Drive tower has been named in recognition of Rick Bonar.  

Council also offered their condolences to the family of former Premier Jim Prentice. 

CAO Mike Schwirtz
The CAO has heard of questions regarding the state of work on the Hinton Performing Arts Venue construction. He notes that while exterior work may not currently be evident, work is indeed ongoing on the inside to put the facility in line with building codes and fire suppression requirements. 

Town of Hinton Newsflash

Beaver Boardwalk users can now take a break at comfort station facilities in the highly popular tourism destination. Construction has recently been completed on the two facilities, including efforts to ensure that they are both accessible for all users. Located at 408 Collinge, and on the trail near 422 Collinge, these facilities are sure to increase enjoyment and utilization of the Boardwalk, enabling users to stay in the area longer and appreciate the natural beauty. The location on the 422 Collinge Trail will also serve the many winter users of the Maxwell Lake ice surface. 

Staff members who normally operate out of The Guild are going to be in new temporary locations as work on the Hinton PAV gets underway. Find more information on all of their new locations by reading the post on our website, available here

The Town of Hinton is a scent free building. When attending Council Meetings or visiting facilities, please be considerate of staff and ensure you are not wearing strongly scented deodorants or antiperspirants, colognes or perfumes, or scented hair products. 

Remember, you can watch the video for Standing and Regular meetings of Council on our Town of Hinton Website. Follow this link to find recent videos. 

You can view the entire agenda package here.
As a reminder, the next Standing Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

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