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Council Highlights - August 16, 2016

Citizens Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Mackin opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers. 

Joshua Yaworski - Google Maps
Yaworski spoke with Council in regards to the recent addition of the Hinton Transit System to Google Maps, a project undertaken with support of Michael Kohler of Planning and Development. Residents are now able to use Google Maps to plan their trips, see stops along the route, and access schedules both from computer browsers and through mobile devices.


Hinton Athabasca River Brigade Society 
After receiving overwhelming support after their first journey in 2011, the Brigade has expanded, partnering with many neighbourhood groups to help share the Brigade experience and history in the community. The Brigade is planning a significant event next year in celebration of the Canadian sesquicentennial. They are seeking to receive Council support in establishing safe boat launches to access the Athabasca River. The Riverfront Park will be returning to Council this October. 

The Hinton Historical Society - Presented by Lorraine Johnston-MacKay
Johnston-MacKay offered information on the history of the museum, its station house, and the progress that has been made in recent months. The goal of the Society is to create a space for the community, and visitors, to showcase and encounter both our heritage and culture. She also spoke to the work of the Society's new manager, who has developed a new logo and social media presence for the museum. The museum aims to open in May of 2017, coinciding with "Museum Days" and the sesquicentennial. Council has given Admin direction to explore partnerships and funding models to support the Historical Society. This will return for discussion during the budget cycle.   

Public Hearing

Land Use Bylaw

First reading was granted to amend the Land Use Bylaw, moving forward a process that Administration and ISL Engineering Consultants have been working on over the last number of months with direction and support from Council. The 2016 LUB will return September 6 2016 for second reading; residents interested in receiving more information are encouraged to come to the Government Centre to view poster boards with more information, or to speak with Planning and Development. 

Action Items

Land Sales - 110 Forest Heights and 537 Gregg Avenue - Presented Mindi Petkau
Hinton Town Council voted in favour of accepting an offer to purchase portions of both 110 Forest Heights Drive and 537 Gregg Avenue. This sale is being made to allow a local business the opportunity to expand their operations at their current site. In the interests of optimizing taxpayer return when selling Town lands, the specific price, terms and conditions of this transaction will not be made public until after final closing and title transfer.

Planning & Development Fees & Charges Bylaw #1104 - Presented by Wendy Jones
Administration, in consultation with ISL Engineering, is currently reviewing and evaluating  all plans, bylaws and policies as it pertains to planning and development within the Town of Hinton. This review is providing us the opportunity to review and amend existing bylaws and policies to be current with the proposed Land Use Bylaw # 1088. Council voted in favour of granting the bylaw first reading. 

Request to Waive Property Tax Penalties - Presented by Denise Parent
Historically, the property taxes on this property have been paid on a timely basis with the exception of one year when it was paid a few days late. Since there is no record of the bank having processed the cheque in question, Administration is limited as to what can be searched. There is a small amount owing on the utilities invoice, which Council declined to waive without proof that a payment had been made.

Reports from Mayor, Council, Town Manager

Mayor Rob Mackin reported he has met with MP Randy Boissonnault's office in regards to the mountain pine beetle, and that Jasper National Park's mountain pine beetle strategy has been released. That document comes a year and a half after it was expected to be released. He is pleased the strategy has been released, and by the actions contained in it, but stresses that action and resources are needed immediately, and that he will continue to push for more attention. As well, the Mayor has been asked to attend the Alberta Forest Products Association Annual General Meeting and Conference in Jasper September 21-23. A motion was made for him to attend, which was granted by Council.

Councilor Glenn Barrow - reminded admin of the issues with the Switzer Drive lights. Admin reported they would begin escalating the issue, as the problem has still not been repaired by the service provider. Barrow also inquired on traffic stoplights and their timing sequences, in particular the jug handle, which it has been reported should now be repaired. 

Councilor Albert Ostashek - reports he has been taking part in the Hinton First Public Market, an experience which he says has been positive. He encourages community members to come and take part in the market as the final weeks of the event near close. 

Councillor Stuart Taylor - raised concerns over the recent closure of the hot tub. CAO Schwirtz informed Taylor that the hot tub had a suspect water sample, which caused a request for a second sample, but that that request came in after the tub had already been drained as part of regular operations schedules. The tub was temporarily closed until a clean sample could be provided, which had already occurred at the time of Tuesday's Council Meeting

Town Manager:
CAO Schwirtz thanks all involved parties for their role in the Land Use Bylaw process. He points to the community driven nature of the new document and the extensive involvement of stakeholders as a boon to all residents. 

Town of Hinton Newsflash

The Hinton Recreation Centre Pool will be closed starting September 5 through October 2 inclusively. The Jasper, Edson and Grande Cache pool facilities have agreed to allow Town of Hinton pass holders to use their facilities free of charge, although passes must be brought along in order to be admitted. Jasper has also once again offered to allow any patrons wishing to attend their Monday Wednesday Friday Aqua Fitness classes to do so by bringing their pass and then paying an additional $2.43. Find more information on the Rec Centre website.

The Town of Hinton is a scent free building. When attending Council Meetings or visiting facilities, please be considerate of staff and ensure you are not wearing strongly scented deodorants or antiperspirants, colognes or perfumes, or scented hair products. 

You can view the entire agenda package here.
Just a reminder, the next Regular Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

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