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Sep 27

Professionalism in the Non-profit Sector

Posted on September 27, 2019 at 1:07 PM by Lisa Brett

Professionalism Promise

In the non-profit workplace, we have a duty to professionalism. Just like the private and public sectors, we aim to conduct ourselves in a tactful manner. Professionalism pertains to one’s attitude, behaviour, abilities, and values that demonstrate who we are in the workplace. How recently did you assess your own professionalism and how you present yourself to your office peers and service-users?

They say attitude is everything. It seems that a positive outlook and genuine belief in the mission of your organization seeps into the work that you do. Adopting a positive, professional attitude every day is one deliberate deed that can lead to a desired behaviour in others. Don’t be afraid to hold up that mirror.

Interestingly, your behaviour can affect how other workers perform their duties! You can bring people up and you can bring people down. Only you can control your own behaviour. Being mindful of your behaviour and exercising self-control is one way to conduct yourself professionally. No one is perfect. Still, if you are reliable, respectful, responsive, and reflective at the end of each workday, then you’re are a committed professional.

How about your abilities? Shouldn’t a professional have exceptional proficiencies? The skills and know-hows of a professional will often distinguish them from the amateur. Yet, a true professional always asks themselves how they can do better. Professionals strive to know more. They inspire others to grow and develop more skills, too.

Values are at the root of all professionalism. It’s what you believe to be important in life that supports your professionalism. In the non-profit sector, there is usually a focus on people with a commitment to uplift others. If you found a job in the non-profit sector that gives you meaning and purpose, then it likely fulfills your personal values. Mismatched values won’t kill you, but aligned values can slant you toward a natural professionalism that others notice and admire.

Since we spend an exorbitant amount of time at work, wouldn’t it be satisfying to fall into bed knowing you were your best self? Knowing that your attitude, behaviour, abilities, and values shone through to make your own and others’ day a good one? Each workday presents us with successes and challenges. How well we perform at work depends on our outlook, conduct, competencies, and personal principles. Each day, we have a chance to make a positive and professional impact at work. Let’s promise ourselves to try our best.

What is workplace professionalism?