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Sep 13

Online is Where It’s At!

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 9:40 AM by Josh Yaworski



Social media has been around for multiple years now, but many non-profit organizations are still
adjusting to the online realm. They are still figuring out what is working for them and what isn’t.
Through illumination and some frustration, we now understand that a non-profit organization must welcome and leverage the world wide web.

Social networks are becoming the primary way to get information. The sooner a non-profit organization prioritizes online communication, the more impact it may have.

The key is to develop and implement a social media strategy. A well-thought out plan should be
developed that addresses your organization’s social media engagement.

Foremost, it is necessary to develop a home base. Your non-profit organization needs a website that is under its control. A website can be designed to convey a certain look and feel. Social media accounts cannot do this.

Secondly, the utilization of social media can drive people back to your home base. Social media will enhance your online communications, so get those social media icons onto your website. Be sure to check if the links are working properly.

With a website, you will accomplish a lot of valuable things. For example, you can ask people for
consent. On your website, people can sign up for your blog or email notifications. People can search your website to find pertinent information, such as the mission statement, phone number, address, email, or even make an online donation while they are on your page! Does your website have a guessable or logical web address (URL)? Use key words that people might type into the search engine, such as the words in your organization’s name or the primary service that you provide.

People have expectations when they visit your website. It should be organized and easy to navigate, for instance what you do, how to get involved, and why they should care. If your organization is a registered charity, then consider getting a big donation button, front and centre, on your landing page. Check out www.canadahelps.org for more information.

Get your website looking attractive and interesting! Diversify the content that you share. Tell some sincere stories, post quotes, photos, and videos. Determine the frequency that you’ll refresh the content and answer all inquiries.

This is pretty interesting and fun stuff! Yet, before you get creative you must draw the line in the sand. You’re encouraged to develop a social media policy for your organization. You must think of possible scenarios and provide clearly defined answers to guide volunteers and staff when it comes to posting on behalf of your organization. Roles and responsibilities will also be defined.
Your organization needs a social media strategy. Most organizations start by focusing on the most widely-used medium – a website. Invest the necessary time to get it functional and user-friendly. Review the analytics to evaluate the traffic coming to your website. Once the website is looking good and providing key information, be sure to keep it dynamic and responsive.

Social media comes next, but ponder why you are going to do it. One technique is to write SMART goals. For example, are you using social media to garner more volunteers, attract skilled employees, boost donations, or increase your visibility?

Getting good at website administration and social media will take time and practice. So, embrace the online community and your non-profit organization will become accessible by everyone. Online is where it’s at!

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