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Apr 29

How to Be A Delegation Before Council

Posted on April 29, 2016 at 9:21 AM by Web Master

2016 Mayor and Town Councillors
Did you know that you can arrange to spend a snippet of time on a Tuesday evening with your elected officials? The Mayor and Town Councillors representing municipal government openly meet on the first and third Tuesday at four o’clock for Regular Council to address pending business. These seven representatives reserve the first part of their meeting agenda to invite general comments regarding local non-profits and charitable organizations. This is called being a delegation before Council.

Delegations can also appear untelevised before Mayor and Town Councillors during a Standing Committee meeting occurring the second and fourth Tuesday at four o’clock.

Being a delegation is a valuable opportunity to inform municipal leadership about your organization’s mission! Town Council will listen, possibly remark, or ask questions. The information that you provide could influence future decision-making or policy-making.

To be added to the meeting agenda, delegates are asked to contact the Legislative and Executive Assistant as early in advance as possible. Often, there are multiple delegations who wish to appear before Council.

Please allow adequate advance notice for staff to determine if the delegation is a relevant and good fit for a regular Council meeting. If you are supplying any written material, it must be given in advance to allow Council members ample time to review it before the meeting. Digital files, such as photos or PowerPoint presentations, must be approved in advance.

Delegations are scheduled early in the agenda. After the meeting is called to order, upon hearing your name, you can proceed to the delegate’s desk and have the floor for no more than ten minutes. It is customary to address the Mayor as “Your Worship” and Councillors as “Members of Council”.

Be clear and concise about your reason for standing before Council. Try to speak in a positive manner if expressing concerns.

Please keep in mind that municipal government is not directly responsible for health, education, and other provincial mandates. Issues relating to Town services are to be dealt with through the appropriate Town department. Also, Town Council has one Regular Council meeting in July and August.

You are a welcome addition to the Council meeting! The Mayor and Town Councillors strive to engage with the citizens of Hinton. They recognize the important work that non-profit and charitable organizations do, and they value volunteers who help to make this kind of work possible!

Discuss with your organization if being a delegation before Council would be a good idea. If you have more questions, please contact Rhonda West, Legislative and Executive Assistant at 780-865-6072. A useful document can be found here at How To Be A Delegation Before Council.