COVID-19 Information for Residents

If you think you may have COVID-19, please immediately complete this resource and then call 811.

Case numbers are reported by the Province. 

For information on current case load in Hinton, please click here for the regional status map and here for Alberta Statistics tool

Masks are mandatory

Last Update: February 23, 2021 10:00 AM 

The Town of Hinton is acting in the interest of public safety, proactively responding to an evolving worldwide pandemic involving COVID-19. Community health and safety is our priority. We are taking immediate steps to help reduce the risk to our residents, visitors and employees.

Premier Jason Kenney announced that all seniors aged 75 and older will be able to book appointments for COVID-19 vaccines beginning February 24, 2021. Please consult the AHS webpage for booking information.

Due to Alberta’s high case numbers, aggressive action is still required to protect our health system from being overwhelmed.

The current situation is still critical. 

Health officials actively continue to evaluate the situation and will adjust measures if required.

Town Facilities Opening Status

All Town of Hinton facilities remain closed to the public, adhering to the Provincial recommendations. These closures will make all buildings only accessible by the public on an appointment basis. In the interest of continuity of service to our community, we are including key information for important facilities in Hinton, in our weekly newsletters (subscribe via the link below)

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Hinton Emergency Operations Centre

The Hinton Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) remains active, receiving guidance from both the Province and Local Agencies on statuses and needs.

The Hinton EOC strongly encourages Hinton residents to comply with the contact tracing, should an individual receive a positive test. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hinshaw said that there has been an increase in Albertans who aren't participating in the contact tracing process. This poses significant risks for other people in the community and increases chances for community spread of the virus.

For other online resources, see below:

Province of Alberta COVID Webpage
Province of Alberta - Emergency Management Act
Government of Canada COVID Webpage
World Health Organization COVID Website

Current Restrictions

Indoor Social Gatherings

All indoor social gatherings are prohibited – public and private.

Close contacts are limited to household members only

People who live alone can have up to 2 close contacts:

  • these must be the same two contacts throughout the duration of the restriction
  • if the close contacts do not live alone, visits cannot be held at their home
  • single parents who only live with their children under 18 are permitted to have up to 2 close contacts

This restriction does not apply to:

  • co-parenting arrangements
  • service visits from caregivers, health or childcare providers
  • home maintenance and repairs
  • mutual support group meetings

Outdoor Social Gatherings

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Jan. 18

Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people maximum and must not have an indoor component.

Backyard gatherings that require movement in/out of homes are not permitted.

Attendees should remain distanced at all times and follow all public health measures.

See sport and physical activities for information on outdoor recreation.

Out of Town Visitors and Travel 

Starting Monday, February 22, 2021, Air travellers landing in Canada will have to quarantine in a hotel, at their own expense, starting today. All travellers flying into Canada from abroad land in one of four cities — Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal — and are responsible for booking their own rooms there even if they plan on travelling on to other destinations.

All travellers arriving at land border crossings are required to show proof of a negative PCR test completed in the United States within the previous 72 hours — in line with new federal rules.

Returning to Alberta

If you do not have a household in Alberta, you must not stay in other people’s homes while these restrictions are in place.

If you belong to the household, you are permitted to return to the home (e.g., child returning home from post-secondary).

If participating in the Border Testing Pilot Program, all program directives must be followed before rejoining the household.

Visitors to Alberta

Out-of-town visitors cannot stay in other people's homes while these restrictions are in place, regardless of where they are coming from.

While we appreciate this may affect travel plans to visit family, the increase in cases is very serious. These measures are required to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Weddings and Funerals

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Revised Jan. 18

Wedding and funeral receptions are not permitted.

Wedding ceremony and funeral service attendance is limited to:

  • 10 people maximum for wedding ceremonies
  • 20 people maximum for funeral services, with mandatory masking and 2 metre physical distancing between households

The maximum limit:

  • includes the officiant, bride/groom and witnesses
  • does not include funeral service or facility staff, funeral clergy or event organizers who are not considered an invited guest
  • applies to any facility, including places of worship and funeral homes
  • applies to services held indoors or outdoors, seated or non-seated

This measure will help limit exposure, reduce outbreaks and protect vulnerable attendees.

Places of Worship

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

Faith services are limited to 15% of fire code occupancy for in-person attendance:

  • Physical distancing between households must be maintained
  • Mask use is mandatory


  • Virtual or online services are recommended
  • Drive-in services where people do not leave their vehicles and adhere to guidance are allowed

Additional safety measures:

In-person faith group meetings and other religious gatherings are:

  • not permitted in private homes while these measures are in effect
  • permitted when conducted at a place of worship as long as physical distancing and public health measures are followed

Faith leaders and other speakers can remove their masks while speaking if there is a distance of 2 metres. The mask must be put on again once finished speaking.

Group performance activities, such as choir singing and playing music, are permitted if they are normal worship practices and not for the purpose of entertainment. Performers must wear masks at all times.

Business and service restrictions

This information is shared by and represented from the Government of Alberta COVID Restriction website.

Some businesses are required to temporarily close, reduce capacity or limit in-person access. Masks are mandatory in all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and places of worship.

Step 1 restriction changes, effective Feb. 8:

  • Restaurants can open for in-person dining
  • Children and youth can participate in limited school and team sport activities
  • One-on-one indoor fitness training is permitted, by appointment only
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  1. Retail
  2. Restaurants, bars, pubs, lounges and cafes
  3. Entertainment and recreation facilities
  4. Personal and wellness services
  5. Health, social and professional services
  6. Hotels, motels, hunting and fishing lodges
  7. Children's sport and performance activities
  8. Performance activities
  9. Indoor fitness
  10. Outdoor sport and recreation activities
  11. Working from home
  12. Public health orders and exemptions

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

Retail services and shopping malls must limit customer capacity to 15% of fire code occupancy (not including staff) or a minimum of 5 customers. This includes individual stores and common areas (see calculating occupancy limits).

Curbside pick up, delivery and online services are encouraged

Shopping mall food courts open for grab and go only

Shop alone or only with the people you live with (see tips for shoppers)

Retail services include but are not limited to:

  • Retail businesses
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Grocery stores, markets and pharmacies
  • Clothing and sporting goods stores
  • Computer and technology stores
  • Hardware and automotive
  • Liquor and cannabis
  • Pet supply stores
  • Gift shops


Path forward started February 8 with Step 1. View Provincial Website for more information here


Benchmark to ease restrictions:

  • 450 hospitalizations and declining

This step is expected to occur at least 3 weeks after Step 1. On February 22, Dr. Hinshaw stated that no decisions on moving to Step 2 will be made prior to March 1st at the earliest.

For further information, access the Provincial Website here.

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  2. Prevention Information
  3. Town Business
  4. Aid for Individuals
  5. Newsfeed
  6. Resources
  7. Complaints

Facility Closures

For further reference on Community Services’ statuses and updates, please view the most recent edition of ComServ.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, the Province of Alberta announced new restrictions in place in Alberta until at least January 12, 2021, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (please familiarize yourself with all restrictions, as viewable on the Provincial Website, Town of Hinton COVID Website, or CivicSend).

In response to these announced restrictions, Town of Hinton CAO Emily Olsen and Senior Leadership have made decision that all Town Buildings will be closed to the public on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

These closures will make all buildings only accessible by the public on an appointment basis. In the interest of continuity of service to our community, we are including key information for important facilities in Hinton, to the right. 


Key Phone Number: 211

Corporate Services

Key Phone Number: 780-865-6016

Key Email:

Development Services

Key Phone Number:  780-865-6010

Key Email:

Family and Community Support Services

Key Phone Number: 780-865-6036

Key Email:

Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre

Key Phone Number Staffed: 780-865-4412

Key Phone Number Automated: 780-865-6066

Key Email:

Infrastructure Services, Parks

24/7 Service Line: 780-865-2634

Emergency Services/Protective Services Buildings


Emergency Services (Fire, PO)

Key Phone Number Info (fire): (780) 865-6089

Key Phone Number Complaint (PO): 780 865-6009

Protective Services (RCMP)

Key Phone Number Info: 780-865-2455

With buildings closed and no social gatherings, some residents normal information networks may be less accessible than usual. It's more important than ever to stay up to date and informed on what's going on in the community. Visit NotifyMe and subscribe to receive updates from the Town, like our scheduled COVID update, automatically, at