Recreational Cannabis Legalization

On October 17, 2018, Recreational Cannabis will become legal in Canada.

As residents can imagine, this will make an impact on all levels of government; from municipalities through to the Federal government, each level has distinct responsibilities in ensuring that the legalization of recreational cannabis is implemented with consideration to community safety, health, and economic opportunity.

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Every part of the Canadian Government System is engaged, with decisions being made in the:

  1. Municipal Government
  2. Provincial Government
  3. Federal Government

LUB Amendment 1088-6 and Bylaw 1125 Cannabis Public Consumption 

Municipalities play an important role in two distinct areas: The public consumption of cannabis, and the local development regulations. In Hinton, these areas will be dealt with through a series of pieces of legislation:  

- LUB Amendment 1088-6, Business License Bylaw 1126 (in draft currently) 

These proposed amendments will lay down development and usage details, including:

  • business license, license conditions and fees
  • taxation
  • development permits and application processes
  • local zoning and density
  • building standards
  • personal cultivation requirements

- Bylaw 1125 Cannabis Public Consumption (in draft currently) 

This proposed bylaw addresses local constraints surrounding personal consumption, possession, and smoking, including:  

  • where/if you can smoke in public/shared spaces

These local pieces of legislation have not yet been passed. 

You have an opportunity to share your feedback before a final decision is made.  

LUB Amendment Documents

Protective Services Documents (available soon)

Business License Bylaw Documents (available soon)

The below images are jpeg copies of public engagement materials that will be displayed during 

Town of Hinton Cannabis Engagement

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