Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan (2019)

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The Town of Hinton along with ISL Engineering and Land Services, have developed a Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan. The purpose of the Master Plan is to identify gaps, needs and priorities for the Town. Hinton Town Council approved this plan on May 7, 2019. View the plan here.

As part of the development of the Master Plan, administration undertook a review of the Town’s existing parks, open spaces and trail networks, including best practices from similar municipalities, and implementing a comprehensive engagement process to gather feedback from Town residents and stakeholders.

The next steps will focus on plans for Maxwell Lake; learn more below.

What's in the plan?

Included in this Plan is a foundation, or rationale, for investment in POST articulated in a vision and goals to guide all actions related to POST. It also includes a number of recommendations related to POST service delivery and infrastructure. Refinements to the Town’s open space classification system are outlined, as are parameters for how Hinton should work with partners in providing, allocating and charging for POST amenities, support and build capacity within the POST delivery system and market and promote POST opportunities so that more people use POST more often. Finally there are a number of recommendations related to both specific parks and trails within the town and direction related to specific amenities (like playgrounds and sports fields).

This foundation and the recommendations outlined to help achieve it give the Town and other partner’s strategic and tactical direction for the next 10 to 15 years. The implementation of the POST Master Plan has been developed to help Town Administration and Council enact recommendations in a logical and prioritized fashion based on information collected, research, feedback from engagement initiatives, and recommendations for development and service delivery. As well, the following criteria were considered in phasing specific POST projects. 

  • Condition and Safety: Projects which require immediate attention may be fast tracked for development. The protection and safety of users and residents who use POST infrastructure is of utmost importance.
  • Demand for Facilities: Projects that are deemed to satisfy the needs and wants of users and stakeholders through input from engagement initiatives and the Community Needs Assessment.
  • Trends: Projects that relate and correspond to ongoing trends identified nationally and provincially.
  • Connectivity: Projects that share emphasis on connective and accessible elements of the POST network or need improvements to increase connectivity.
  • Community Sustainability Development: Projects that address goals and objectives stated within the Community Sustainability Plan and that engage a range of users and residents (e.g., students, families, seniors)
  • Land Acquisition: Addressing land ownership conflicts and lands that may need to be purchased by Hinton from private owners.
  • Planning and Design: Projects that require outline plan preparation or comprehensive consultation processes.

Maxwell Lake Materials

Engagement Process

In November 2018, the Town of Hinton and ISL provided several engagement opportunities to gather ideas and perspectives from Town residents and stakeholders on issues and opportunities, potential parking and proposed enhancements. Engagement opportunities included:

  • A community open house for residents and stakeholders on November 29, from 4 to 6:30pm;
  • A pop-up event at the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre on November 30, from 10 to 11am;
  • An online survey available from November 14, 2018 to December 21, 2018; and
  • Hard copy surveys were available from Town staff.

Results from Engagement

engagement results

Get Involved – Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Feedback received from community members will be incorporated, where possible, and the updated draft Outline Plan will be shared with residents and stakeholders in spring 2019 to gather input to help the team refine and finalize the Plan. View the input received so far here.