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The recently established Hinton ATE Oversight Committee is aiming to ensure that all aspects of ATE is properly, and completely, communicated with our community. 

One part of ongoing efforts to ensure that this goal is achieved is via the sharing of infraction statistics and accompanying information. This page will be updated as often as new statistics are made available to the Town of Hinton - generally, every month. 

View the most recent presentation from ATE Oversight Committee to Council in the agenda package, available here.


View the Hinton Traffic Analysis here (hosted and managed by Global Traffic)

This information is provided by Global Traffic. It includes numbers of infractions observed, time spent at locations, and speed zones of the infractions. 

Important Notes:

  • Global is limited to two consecutive hours in any zone, plus setup time
  • Blank lines indicate no violations reported, or no enforcement occurred during the month listed.  
  • All locations are signed off on by the local RCMP Authority, and are determined via four key considerations:
    • High Risk Locations - where the safety of citizens or police officers would a risk through conventional methods. 
    • High Frequency Locations - where motorists are ignoring or breaking traffic laws on an on-going basis. 
    • High Collision Locations - where there is a greater frequency of property damage, injury, or fatal collisions. 
    • High Pedestrian Volume Locations - Where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic. 
  • Every year, the locations selected are audited by the province to ensure guidelines are being met and proper signage is in place. An audit took place in 2017, which Hinton passed. 

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Presentations to Council

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