2020 Citizen Budget Engagement Tool

In January of 2017 the Town of Hinton was proud to release our new citizen budget engagement tool. Using real world budget numbers and interactive visual displays, the software offered our residents a new way to engage with, and understand, the budget decisions made annually on their behalf.

For the fourth budget cycle, we're bringing the tool back this fall. By releasing this tool in the fall, citizens are able to offer their opinions and preferences for tax dollar utilization before the first draft of the 2020 budget is released. In this way, Council and Administration will be able to take into consideration input from residents in the first draft. In addition, the tool is an educational device, by which residents can learn more about their tax contribution through an interactive visual model, based on individual assessed value.

The survey is now closed. Find the 2020 results here

Feedback will be received and tabulated by administration and presented to Council as budget proceedings get underway in November and December. 

The Citizen Budget tool is available to be presented to groups in the coming months. If you think your group could benefit from a presentation of the tool, contact Corporate Services.


Want to see your feedback in action? Interested in how Budget 2020 comes together? The Town will be holding budget meetings, starting November 16, and interested citizens are welcome to observe the proceedings. Visit Government Centre during the below dates and times to watch the meetings yourself.

 • Department Meetings – November 16 all day 

• Budget – November 18: 4 – 8 PM

 • Budget – November 20: 4 – 8 PM

 • Capital – November 25: 4 – 8 PM

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