Youth Guiding Program

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Hintonites Live, Work, and Play, in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. 

With this new program, Hinton Youth have an opportunity to learn how to turn nature's splendor into a career in guiding.

With applications as a pre-college or post-secondary education top up, this program gives interested youth age 13-17 a first look and early training in Guiding, including important topics like first aid, swiftwater rescue, ropes rescue, interpretive guiding, leave no trace, packing for groups, boating techniques, flora and fauna identification, client profiling, experience based tourism, and raft guiding.

This once a week course, running from July 4 until August 22, 2017, aims to help bring more local youth into this exciting field through training with a local rafting company. 

Cost is $808 ($101/day/student). Register at the Recreation Centre Front Desk

Email Jennifer to find out more.
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JULY 4 - Guiding Principles 
  • intro
  • ways to deliver (experience, education and safety)
  • future promotion of adventure business
  • way of life (preservation, leave no trace philosophy)
JULY 11 - Wilderness First Responder
  • basic client managment
  • patient stabilization and transportation
  • procedural planning and protocals
  • spine board creation and modification
  • radio procedure
JULY 18 - Ropes Rescue course 
  • knot families
  • rope and knot strengths
  • instruction to tie workable knots
  • types and usages of knots
  • how to use ropes rescue in everyday living 
  • z-drag and rope pull ratios
JULY 25 - River Smart Program
  • equipment and usage 
  • preparing for the day
  • river identification (safe zones)
  • river hydrology (danger zones)
  • basic swimming into moving water
  • hypothermia rescue skills
AUGUST 1 - Interpretive Guide Training 
  • local flora and fauna recognition
  • local heritage interpretation
  • geology and hydrology mapping
AUGUST 8 - Rafting Guide Training
  • equipment training 
  • boat design concepts
  • how to maneuver 
  • reading and manipulating moving water
  • avoiding danger
  • mult/single boat tours 
  • taking charge as leader
AUGUST 15 - Culmination & Guiding Options 
  • scenarios for first aid and other issues
  • description of overnight tours and related issues
  • planning an adventure
  • preplanning
AUGUST 22 - Co-Guide Discovery Camp 
  • Help setup and guide the Discovery Camp Tour 
  • show off knowledge and ability
  • HRA Appreciation and Completion Awards