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Several large mammals make the Boardwalk their home, and other species often pass through the area. White-tailed deer and coyote are the most abundant. You might also see elk, moose, mule deer, black bear, red fox, wolf and if you are very lucky, a grizzly bear or a cougar.
White-tailed deer calmly walk across Hinton streets and regularly raid gardens and flowerbeds. Your best chance to see a deer on the boardwalk is at dawn and dusk.

In 2008 a white-tailed deer fawn was photographed lying within 1 meter of the Beaver Boardwalk. To avoid predators, the doe hides her almost scentless fawn for the first few weeks of its life and returns several times a day to feed it. If you find a fawn leave it alone – the mother won’t be far away.
This medium sized member of the dog family is a year-round resident. Coyote howls and yips are often heard. If you are lucky you may spot this mostly nocturnal predator that eats a wide variety of small prey and fruits.