Why Victim Services?

There is always a need for Victim Services volunteers in your community. You can make a positive difference in the lives of those who have been affected by crime or tragic circumstances.


The Role of Victim Services Advocates

After successful completion of the standardized volunteer training and evaluation, and other requirements, including security clearance by the appropriate police service, potential volunteers may be qualified as a Victim Services Advocate with your local Victim Services Unit (VSU).

Victim Services Units (VSUs) in Alberta are police-based programs that may be administered by a Board of Directors of a non-profit society or a municipal police service. VSUs provide support to victims and include staff (generally a Executive Director and may include additional staff members) and volunteer Advocates.

Once qualified, the volunteer Advocate will respond immediately to referrals to provide short term emotional support and practical assistance to victims of crime or tragic circumstance. The volunteer will ensure that appropriate options and/or referrals for longer term assistance are provided to the victim.

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Board Members

Code of ethical conduct

As a volunteer with the Hinton District Victim Services Society, I will agree with the following statements and affirm that I will adhere to this Code at all times.

Directors are trustees of public confidence and securities and are expected to avoid any conflict of interest.

There should be no self-dealing or the conducting of private business or personal services between any Board member and the Society. Exceptions may occur only when there is openness and competitive opportunity with equal access to information.

It is expected that Directors will not use their positions to obtain for themselves, for their family members, or associates, employment with the Hinton District Victim Service Society.

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