Land Use Bylaw Update Project (2016)

At the September 6, 2016, Regular Council Meeting, Council voted to adopt the draft Land Use Bylaw (LUB). Town of Hinton administration and engineering firm ISL, with direction and support from Council, reviewed and revised the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) creating a document that promotes growth and supports development initiatives through positive user-friendly development regulations.

“The process in which the LUB was reviewed and revised incorporated expertise of staff and ISL representatives to create a document that is progressive, as well as clear, concise and easy to understand,” stated Mayor Mackin.

Key changes to the LUB document are the reduction in length, and revised content written in a plain language manner, so that understanding what is required is easier and the potential for confusion is minimized. A key benefit to residents advancing projects at home or at their business is that the new LUB allows discretion for innovation and a common sense approach to development. Developers will find the new LUB easier to use because policies are less prescriptive and more discretion has been provided to the Development Authority. 

Feedback was received from local developers, realtors and businesses, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and community residents. We thank everyone who participated and shared their thoughts on this important community document. All comments and questions were reviewed by Town administration and ISL, with applicable changes made in the final version adopted by Council.

Please note that all development permits issued prior to the adoption of the Land Use Bylaw #1088 and fee schedule #1104 will fall under the requirements and regulations of the previous LUB #960. If you are unsure of how this may affect you or your permit, please feel welcome to contact our development office to clarification.

The LUB is another step in the progressive way of doing business the Town of Hinton Planning and Development division has adopted. But don’t take our word for it: if you are interested in starting a project at your home or business, come down to the Planning and Development desk in the Government Centre and speak to one of our friendly staff members for assistance.

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  1. Key Changes to the LUB
  2. Benefits to Residents
  3. Benefits to Developers
Overall, the document has been reduced in size, content has been clarified and written in a plain language manner, so that understanding what is required is easier. 

But that’s not all:
  • The document has been reduced from 233 to 79 pages, with sections merged to reduce duplication;
  • Prescriptive details, such as design guidelines and overlays which are not required in the revised LUB, have been removed and will be incorporated into separate policy documents where they are more appropriate;
  • Formatting has been revised to be easier to follow and interpret, and definitions have been updated and consolidated; 
  • Language has been revised to provide a positive tone and consistent voice, jargon removed to simplify text, and figures revised and simplified to provide clarity;
  • Inconsistencies have been eliminated;
  • Development permit policies have been revised and simplified to reflect best practices;
  • Policies are less prescriptive and more discretion has been provided to the Development Authority; and
  • Some districts have been consolidated and others not currently being used have been removed.