Community Grant Program and Participatory Budget

The Community Grant Program and the Participatory Budget initiatives are funded by the proceeds of the Automated Traffic Enforcement Program. The chart below explains what they are, and the differences between them. Questions? Please call 780 865 6002 or email for more information. 
What's the Difference? Community Grant Program  Participatory Budget 
Brochure Community Grant Program Brochure  Participatory Budget Brochure 
Designated Funding  $120,000 (per year)
Timelines Two intakes per year.
Spring deadline is April 1st, 2019.
Fall deadline is October 1st, 2019.
One intake per year
For 2015 the deadline is October 16; voting to take place in December.
What do the programs fund?
  • One-time projects that enhance community safety
  • Operating and one-time initiatives of community organizations 
  • Events designed and delivered for the general public that attract visitors, contribute to the local economy, promote volunteerism
Improvements to Town infrastructure / programs that benefit the public
  • Parks, trails, accessibility ramps, street lights, bus shelters

Who does this apply to?
  • Non-profit groups
  • First Nation/Metis organizations
  • Non-registered group working through a registered sponsoring organization
  • Town may apply if representing a safety initiative brought forward from community
 Community members
  • Hinton residents who are 14 and older and those living in Yellowhead County (west of Obed) can submit and vote for projects or ideas
  • The Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee reviews applications and provides Council with recommendations
  • Council makes the final funding decision

  • Community members submit ideas
  • Administration reviews & prepares work plan
  • Community members vote on ideas
  • Council formalizes vote results