Innovista Phases II & III

Project Overview

Location: Thompson Reservoir to Innovista Eco Industrial Park
Project Budget:   $ 640,000 Engineering Detail and Design 
                              $ 4,659,440 Construction Costs  
                              ($ 826,000 Federal Canadian Municipality Grant Funding)

Construction Time Frame:  July 22, 2014 to December 31, 2014
Project Scope:
This project sees the construction of a waterline from the Thompson Reservoir, across Highway 16, and east along Phases II and III of Innovista Eco-Industrial Park.  This allows for the Town to be growth ready to supply water services with fire flow for not only Phases ll and lll, but also the future Highway Commercial Corridor on the Northeast side of Highway 16 and the Southside of Highway 16.

The Innovista construction plan is depicted below: 

2015 04 13 - Innovista Site Map Overview

Project Understanding:
The project provides immediate water service to Innovista Phases ll and lll and this water service provides a connection that will facilitate future highway development both north and south of highway 16, as well as promote future residential growth adjacent to Thompson Lake.   During the engineering and design assessment of this project, the proposed design in our Water Master Plan guidelines recommended water servicing to Phase ll and lll be completed by constructing a pumphouse and connecting to the existing water service line on Fleming Drive which currently services Phase l.    

After a detailed review of the costs to construct a pumphouse that would only service the immediate Phase ll and Phase lll, the Town and ISL evaluated other options.   It was determined that for similar costs, the Town could install a water service line from the Thompson Reservoir, across Highway 16 and into Phase ll and lll.  This alignment would also provide for the future servicing of development both north and south of Highway 16.   The cost of this option would result in a slightly higher investment today but would eliminate the yearly costs associated with maintaining a pumphouse.  Furthermore, the pumphouse option would not have been sized to service future highway commercial nor provide water service to development east of the Thompson Lake residential area.    

During the design, Phase ll and lll lot sales came to fruition and the terms of the property sales included water servicing.


Project Partners:
From conception in 2013 through to construction completion, the Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering and Land Services , work in partnership to design, engineer and deliver a project on schedule and on budget.     PSA Contracting, the General Contractor, is the successful bidder from the tendering process and mobilized to site on July 22, 2014.   

The Federal Canadian Municipality grant funding provided opportunity to partner with the Town in the development of the Innovista Eco-Industrial Park.  The balance of the project funding is in need of being wrapped up this year and will be maximized to its full potential. 

It is through these partnerships that the project is able to continually progress towards a successful completion.    

Project Specifications:
A 300mm water line is connected to an existing waterline feed from the Thompson Reservoir.   The 300mm line continues north through a future road allowance to Highway 16 (1040 meters) where a pressure relief valve (PRV) chamber is installed.    

From the PRV chamber the waterline passes under Highway 16 where it is encased in a 500mm steel casing, then continues on to the East Corner of Fleming Drive. At Fleming Drive the waterline is connected to a tee where it forms a loop with the existing system.

From the tee the waterline changes diameter to 400mm and continues north along the road allowance. At the NW boundary of Phases ll and lll the alignment turns east and enters the municipal reserve which parallels the CN rail line.    The line terminates at Drinnan Way, 2,320m from the Thompson Reservoir.      

Private service tie-ins have been installed to service Phase ll and lll immediately.

The termination point at Drinnan Way is the future connection for highway commercial development.   The 300 mm line from the Thompson Reservoir to the PRV chamber is a waterline that can be used to support future residential, commercial and industrial development east of Thompson Lake.

The line has been equiped with valves and fire hydrants.

The project also seeks to incorporate additional trail connectivity on the Municipal Reserve and this summer the Town will make the connection from the Storm Pond located on Phase l to Drinnan Way.

Key Design and Construction Factors:

The installation of the waterline mitigated construction and maintenance costs for a pumphouse with limited capabilities to only service Phase ll and Phase lll but did create other key challenges.  The key challenges are:

• As per the Town of Hinton Design Standards, the Town’s right-of-way was utilized to install this waterline. The waterline parallels and crosses other utilities and services such as power, water, gas and sanitary trunks.

• Through Geotechnical investigation the existing ground conditions are known to range from very moist to wet, with ingressing water through both the topsoil and subsoil layers.  

• When considering the information gathered in the Geotechnical Report the new waterline could be installed with either standard open cut methods or trenchless methods (directional drilling), recognizing that the presence of bedrock, heavy boulders and water in the soils could guide the methodology chosen by the Contractor.  

• In order to protect the waterline the Highway 16 crossing was directionally drilled and was designed to create a safe crossing from the south side of Highway 16 to the north.

• The construction schedule is subject to weather conditions and required to be completed with the expiring grant timeline

2014 - Innovista
For more information please contact Wendy Jones, Director of Planning and Development via email or by phone at 780-865-6077