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  1. Cold Weather Advisory

    With a deep cold setting in over the region, cold weather impacts are likely to be felt by a wide number of Town residents. So as to gather many of the resources you may need during this weather system, we have prepared the following CivicSend. Read on...
  2. Town of Hinton Event Support

    The Town of Hinton is proud of the large number of events held in our community by volunteers, non-profits and businesses alike. To offer assistance to all of these groups the Town offers a number of supports; all it takes is filling in 1 form! Read on...
  3. Council Highlights

    January 07, 2020 Read on...
  4. Bleeder Notice

    If you have experienced frozen water lines to your business or residence in the past, now is now time to turn your water bleeder “ON” so that your lines do not freeze. Please do not turn your bleeder off until you are notified in April. Read on...
  5. Snow Clearing Plan 2019/2020

    As we move deeper into the winter season, winter weather including snow and ice will impact our daily lives. Read on...
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