Councillor Trevor Haas

Trevor grew up in small town Saskatchewan, known as Landis. Born and raised on the farm, Saskatchewan is where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan.  

After moving to Alberta more than a decade ago, Haas received a job offer from Alberta Health Services that brought him out to this great community of Hinton. Since that time, he’s never wanted to leave, loving the small-town appeal of Hinton and the wonderful people, not to mention having the mountains as a backyard.  

Since making Hinton his home, Trevor has met so many great people and has been given great opportunities, like serving as a member of Board of Victim Services and participating in so many other community events.  Haas would have to say that his greatest milestone was marrying and starting his wonderful family. Trevor believes Hinton has given him and his family so much, with a successful career and a wonderful family, and is now looking forward to serving Hinton and all its people as Town Councillor for the next 4 years. 

Boards & Committees

  • Beaver Boardwalk Oversight Committee
  • Hinton Historical Society (ALT)
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Hinton Municipal Library Board
  • Home for Fine Arts Society of Hinton (A.S.H.) (ALT)

Timesheets / Expenses