Strategic Services

Strategic Services includes the Strategic Services Manager, Communications, and Legislative Services. 


The role of the communications department is to coordinate all town communications; assist with overall communications and public engagement processes and strategies; ensure information is provided to the community in a timely, thorough manner; and that residents are engaged in any decision-making that requires their input.

Public Engagement

Good public engagement includes the following practices:
  • Managing residents’ expectations through the use of clear language in communicating the purpose of the public fragment
  • Choosing methods that will provide meaningful engagement. Choose a variety of methods to gather both qualitative and quantitative data, and to offset the limitations of different types of methods
  • Closing the loop with the public by communicating what the public engagement results were used for - example - after CEAC presented the results of their PE, Council used the information in reviewing and updating their strategy plan

Media Relations

Effective media relations are key to good communications. Working with media outlets in the community to assist in covering newsworthy events and information ensures that Town of Hinton news reaches as many people as possible. For archived news items see the link below.

Emergency Public Information

Public information during a community emergency will come from the communications department. Alberta Emergency Alert, website updates and press conferences are managed and produced from the Emergency Operations Centre by the Public Information Officer and alternates.

For information on public information during an emergency, please contact the communications coordinator. Access the "notify me" button on the home page to subscribe to emergency alert text or email messages.